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Our most frequently purchased solvent trap by those who own a .22lr is our 7” Aircraft Grade Aluminum 1.45” OD Solvent Trap with Stainless Steel Storage Cups (includes 9 storage cups).  Although the kit includes both thread mounts, you will need to use the 1/2×28” thread mount in order to attach it prior to cleaning .22lr.
If you want a more durable solvent trap that would not be dinged up during transport, the 7” Titanium Tube Solvent Trap Kit is a popular option, with a  1/2×28″ size thread mount option. 
The most frequently purchased solvent traps for either a .17 HMR or .22 LR woud be our 7” Aircraft Grade Aluminum 1.45” OD Solvent Trap, which includes two of the most common thread mount sizes. However, you would want to use the 1/2×28” thread mount so you may attach it to your barrel prior to cleaning either of these calibers.
If you’re looking for a more durable option with anti-corrosive properties, our other recommendation would be our 7” Titanium Tube Solvent Trap Kit. This another popular options where you would also use the 1/2×28” thread mount.
When it comes to choosing the best Solvent Trap for your .30 Cal Firearm to collect solvent during cleaning, it comes down to preference and any solvent trap with the correct thread pitch will work to clean your .30 Cal.
The most commonly purchased solvent traps for .30 Cal setups are our Grade 5 Titanium 1.57″ OD AST Kit, 304 Stainless Steel AST Kit, and our 7″ Grade 5 Titanium 1.45″ OD Tube Solvent Trap Kit. All of these options would use a 5/8×24″ Thread Mount for this setup.
Titanium is more corrosion resistant than aluminum and other metals, but if it helps, our aluminum kits are Aircraft Grade. Therefore, titanium is a more expensive option due to the materials, but the best bang for your buck. Another reason a Titanium Kit may be best for a .30 Cal firearm is if the solvent trap is also being used as a misfire risk reduction device.
Attention AK47, AK74, Yugo Owners: Some firearms, such as AK47s and the like, use an M14x1 LH Eurometric Thread Pattern and we do not have any direct thread mount options for this thread pitch. Eventually, Armory Den will offer 5/8×24″ Male to M14x1 LH Female Thread Adapters, but currently these adapters must be sourced externally in order to adapt to Armory Den kits. Please note, if you do purchase the adapter mentioned above, be sure to select 5/8×24″ as your thread mount of choice when purchasing titanium kits. For more thread pitch information, please visit our Thread Pitch Guide.

Please note: Armory Den does not claim responsibility for the use of a solvent trap as a misfire risk reduction device and makes no guarantees that risk of injury or property damage will not occur in the event of a misfire. But larger caliber firearms would require stronger metals if used in this capacity.

Most medium to large frame Glocks, be it Gen 3-5 Glock Model 19, 23, 17, 22, etc. have what’s known as a ‘guide rod’, which poses an issue when it comes to cleaning with a solvent trap. If you purchase a solvent trap and direct thread it to your Glock you will not be able to ‘rack’ or ‘cock’ the slide as your Glock’s guide rod will hit the base of the solvent trap, impeding the slide motion from opening the ejection port area for cleaning.
Therefore, it is best to purchase either our 1.57”OD Billet Aluminum or Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap with the TPI Adapter Included OR our 7”  Aluminum or Titanium Tube 1.45”  with Stainless Steel Cups Kits.
If you go with our 1.57”OD Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit option, you will want to purchase our ADV1 or ADV2 Booster with the correct thread pitch for your Glock (i.e. 45ACP = .578×28, 9mm = 1/2×28”, 40 S&W = 9/16×24”, etc.). Using the included TPI adapter with the 1.57”OD AST Kit will allow you to adapt to either of the above mentioned boosters, which solves the “guide rod issue”.
If you purchase one of the 7” Tube with Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kits, you will want to purchase the M34 Booster in the correct barrel thread pitch to match your Glock Caliber/Barrel Thread. See our Thread Pitch Size Guide for more information.

This is important since our 1.45”OD Tube Kits have a special non-standardized tube thread. Purchasing this M34 Booster will also solve the “guide rod issue” Then your slide will full rack and you will be able to insert solvents and cleaning tools into your barrel through the ejection port area. See the video on our homepage for more information.
Any of our solvent traps can be used to clean various calibers, whether they be .308, .22, 9mm, 45 ACP or .223/5.56 NATO. More often than not, it comes down to style and material preference, and sometimes supplemental uses. Armory Den recognizes two additional supplemental uses that are elaborated on here:
#1. Will this be used for only cleaning or will it be utilized as a misfire risk reduction device: The Radial-8 kit is made out of 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum which is ultra-light and extremely durable. The kit is constructed from a single block of 7075 Aluminum (a billet construction with thinner walls). If you are to use this is a misfire risk reduction device on calibers smaller than a 308, this kit would be fine. Otherwise, the 1.57″OD GR5 Titanium AST Kit with 60 Degree Storage Cups may be the way to go.
#2. The amount of solvent that will be running through larger caliber firearms, versus a smaller caliber (such as a .22 lr.): Generally, larger calibers like a 308 uses more solvent during cleaning than other firearms such as a .223/5.56 NATO, which means increased possibility of corrosion. Although our 7075 Aluminum Kits are all Type III Hard Coat Anodized, our Titanium is more preferred when it comes down to anti-corrosion properties.
Moreover, some customer use solvent traps products to transport solvents and cleaning supplies, and also transport your firearm safely while a solvent trap is connected. Titanium not only serves as a better solution to minimize damage such as surface scratches and dents, but may also provider better protection if the owner is traveling from one place to another.  Titanium is much stronger than anodized aluminum, and has a polished finish. And again, grade 5 titanium has better anti-corrosive metals while also being lighter than steel.
Den Disclaimer: Armory Den sells cleaning products and recognizes ancillary uses of its kits, such as using a solvent trap to transport cleaning related solvents, cloths, etc., and also in regards to using a solvent trap as an MRRS Misfire Risk Reduction System. With this said, Armory Den, Inc. makes no claims or guarantees that our solvent traps will eliminate risks of damage, injury or death if accidental misfire when and/or if used as an MRRS system.
We get this question quite a bit. The only solvent trap kits that we currently have that have standardized thread pitches are our 1.57”OD Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap and 1.57”OD GR5 Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits. They have 1.375×24”| 1.375×24 TPI tube threads and if the correct kit option is chosen when “Adding to Cart” to include the TPI Adapter, this adapter will convert the 1.375×24” thread pitch to a standard B Cell Thread Pitch of 1-3/16×24” (1.1875×24”).

Therefore, this kit will work with a Quick Detach setup  if you purchase a muzzle break or quick detach muzzle device that adapts to a 1-3/16×24” thread pitch for streamlined cleaning. Our Trinity Trilug works with 3-lug muzzle devices or quick detach muzzle devices setup as 3-Lug Quick Detach Muzzle Breaks and will thread to the 1-3/16×24” adapter mentioned above. Our Halo AST Kit is a B Cell Kit, so it’s thread pitch is 1.1875-24 TPI, which doesn’t require a TPI adapter for our Trilug Muzzle Device to adapt.

Disclaimer: Some of our solvent traps, such as our 10″ Aluminum Tube 1.75″OD | 1.50″ID Stainless Steel Cups Kit, 9″ 7075 Aluminum Tube 1.73″OD | 1.375ID D Cell K Cup Kit are direct thread kits only. Their thread pitches are not industry standard, therefore the only way to obtain any aftermarket quick detach items that will work, is to have someone build one for you custom.

Our 7″ Aluminum and Titanium 1.45″OD | 1.25″ ID Stainless Steel Cups Kits are also direct thread only, but due to the demand for cleaning Browning style pistols that run into ‘guide rod issues’, we developed boosters or booster extension muzzle devices for these kits (M34 Booster). It is important to note though, the 1.45″OD Aluminum/Titanium Tube Kits also have a rare non-industry standard thread pitch.

Armory Den is constantly listening to customer feedback and making adjustments accordingly to product lines!

No. Our 7” Aluminum or Titanium 1.45” OD Tube with Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kits are not B Cell Kits. D Cell Kits have Outer Diameters of 1.5” and Inner Diameters of 1.3”, while B Cell Kits have Outer Diameters of 1.313” and Inner Diameters of 1.15”. These B and D Cell Tubes normally have 1.1875×24” or 1.375×24” Thread Pitches.
Our kits in question have 1.45” Outer Diameters and 1.25” Inner Diameters and a custom Eurometric Thread Pitch. Therefore, if you are looking for a Booster setup for this kit, you will want to purchase our M34 Booster.
Per our website disclaimers and terms and conditions, our Boosters are sold only to supplement the cleaning process for those pistols that have issues, such as Glocks Guide Rod Issue, where the Guide Rod hits the base of a directly thread solvent trap. In this case, we recommend our Boosters to extend and add enough space so the guide rod doesn’t hit the base of the solvent trap.
This will be purely based on preference and also on the size of the solvent trap being used to clean the rifle in question. Assuming you are using our 10” Aluminum 1.75”OD Solvent Trap Tube kit (includes 9 Stainless Steel Cups), using the spacer plus 4 to 6 cups should be optimal. This kit includes both a 1/2×28″ and 5/8×24″ thread mount.
As you jam your cleaning rod through your rifles ejection port area (after applying your chosen cleaning solvent) your rod will go down your barrel and into your solvent trap. You may not want to use all of the storage cups as this will leave a little extra room for the cups to have some motion and for the solvent to collect and flow around the side of the storage cups.
We recommend playing with the amount of cups you use during the cleaning process to get the best and most comfortable setup that works for you.
Armory Den has plans to roll out more Titanium Solvent Trap options in the near future, but currently there exist two options the Den wheelhouse: The 7” Grade 5 Titanium Tube 1.45”OD with Stainless Steel Cups Kit and the other is the 1.57”OD Grade 5 Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap™ Kit. These are two completely different kits with unique differences.

Besides the fact that one is a tube and storage cup kit and one is an adaptive solvent trap kit, the main difference is that the GR5 Titanium AST Kit has a 1.375×24″ pitch and the 7” GR5 Titanium Tube Kit has a m34x1.25 eurometric pitch. Therefore, the only muzzle extension available for the 7” GR5 Titanium Tube Kit to support the cleaning process (See Homepage Video) of firearms with guide rod issues is the M34 Booster. There’s nothing else available on the market to adapt to this rare eurometric pitch.

Because the 1.57”OD GR5 Titanium AST Kit has a more standardized 1.375×24 TPI|1.375×24” Thread Pitch, there are many items on the market that may adapt to this thread pitch to support the cleaning process. Additionally, the 1.57”OD GR5 Titanium AST Kit can be purchased with the optional 1.375×24”(male) to 1.1875×24”|1-3/16×24”(female) TPI adapter to adapt to muzzle devices such as our ADV1 and ADV2 Booster Kits to support the pistol cleaning process.

For a .223 the 7” titanium tube with stainless cups with 1/2×28 thread mount is a popular option, if you want to do a direct thread setup.

If you want to do a quick detach setup (so you don’t have to remove your flash hider every time you clean), our 1.57”OD Titanium or Aluminum AST (with the TPI adapter | optional) is a good option too. Then you can go with the Trilug muzzle device we offer. You may be interested in sourcing the market for a 3 lug muzzle break for your .223 so you can quick detach easily when you want to trap solvent, without removing your flash hider/muzzle break.

Note: Just make sure, if your hand guard overlaps your flash hider that it has a diameter of at least 1.6” so the solvent trap will fit in without a problem

Example: PSA .223 rifles have an issue with handguard diameter when the handguard overlaps the flash hider is longer than the barrel

Billet is similar to the term Milled, meaning the solvent trap kit is built from a single block of 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Conversely, if something is not Billet or Milled, then it is most likely Forged.

Forged means that the metals are shaped and fused through a forging process that’s inherently not as sturdy. For those using the solvent traps as misfire risk reduction systems during transport and travel, the Billet feature of this solvent trap is appealing.

T6 6061 Aluminum is not as strong as 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, but the former is much more popular on tube kits and holds it’s own during the cleaning process or during misfire risk reduction uses.

This is a very common question and the short answer is yes, you can use the 1.57” Billet Aluminum Cups, Tubes, End Caps or Thread Mounts on the Titanium and visa versa.

If you are threading Titanium to  Aluminum, thread the parts together carefully, otherwise the hardness of the GR5 Titanium parts can cause unnecessary wear and finish removal of the 1.57” Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit.

Although our Halo 304 Stainless Steel Kit is new, we have customers attempting to use muzzle devices for more streamlined cleaning and are running into issues when trying to interchange between the Halo AST Kit and our 1.57″ OD AST Kits. It’s important to read our descriptions carefully on each product, along with the product specifications.

1.57″OD Kits offered by Armory Den have cups, a tube, an end cap and thread mount thread pitches of 1.375-24 TPI and include our TPI adapter that converts this thread into 1.1875-24 TPI. The Halo AST Kit is a B Cell kit with a B Cell Thread Pitch of 1.1875-24 TPI. This thread pitch matches many muzzle devices on the market – therefore you must make sure that the TPI Adapter is removed from the muzzle device prior to installing it onto the Halo Kit for streamlined cleaning.

This is a great question, we get this one quite a bit! “Direct Thread Only” means means that the solvent trap was built to be directly threaded to a firearm for cleaning using a thread mount. The tube threads on these kits were not threaded with aftermarket adaptation in mind. Some of these kits have rare eurometric thread pitches. For example, Our 9″ 1.73″ OD D Cell K Cup Kit was created with 1.375″ diameter D Cell sized K Cups, but we did not use a standard D Cell Thread Pitch (normally that is 1.375-24 TPI). The reason for this is because this is a heavier kit that one would not normally use in conjunction with a booster to a clean a pistol. Putting such a kit on a pistol will most likely make the cleaning process more of a chore than not using a kit at all – this is due to the fact that this kit comes with 304 stainless steel K cups and is on the heavier end.

The 1.10″ Stainless Steel Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit is another example of a direct thread only setup – 1.10″ is very small in outer diameter as is and even if there were a thread pitch available that is more standardized, there exist no muzzle devices on the market that will adapt to such a small diameter kit.

Additionally, our 10″ Long by 1.75″ OD Aluminum Tube with 1.25″ID Stainless Steel Cups Kit is another direct thread only setup; it’s Eurometric thread pitch does not allow for aftermarket muzzle devices.

So if these are direct thread only setups, what do you offer that is not?

Our 1.57″OD Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with Adaptive Storage Cups, Our 1.57″OD GR5 Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with Adaptive Storage Cups Kit and our Radial-8 Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with Radial Storage Cups Kit all come with 1.375-24 TPI Tube, End Cap and Storage Cup Thread Pitches. This is a standardized thread pitch that adapts to many muzzle devices on the market to support the cleaning process. Furthermore, these kits come with an optional 1.375-24 TPI (Male) to 1.1875-24  TPI (Female) Adapter that allows for further adaptation to devices such as boosters and trilugs, again to support the firearm cleaning process.

Our 7″ Titanium Tube 1.45″OD with 1.25″ID Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kit and our 7″ Aluminum Tube 1.45″OD with 1.25″ID Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kit both come with a M34x1.25 Eurometric pitch. Though these two kits do not adapt to aftermarket muzzle devices,  for those looking to clean their pistols and avoid the “Guide Rod Issue” inherent in pistols such as Glocks, Armory Den offers the M34 Booster that will work with these kits.

Plans for the near future?

Armory Den is currently working with its US Manufacturing Partner to develop 5.5″, 7.5″ and 9.5″ B Cell and D Cell Aluminum Tube Kits. These kits will come with a new style stainless steel storage cup and they will be Mil-8635-A Type III Anodized. The B Cell kits will have a 1.1875-24 TPI Thread Pitch and the D Cell Kits will have a 1.375-24 TPI Thread Pitch (which will also work with our 1.375-24 TPI (Male) to 1.1875-24  TPI (Female) Adapter). These should be launched by mid-2021 latest.

13.5×1 LH is popular, but most firearms companies such as Sig are phasing them to the 9mm American Standard thread pitch of 1/2×28”  — Due to the phase out that’s happening, Armory Den limits the product offering of the 13.5×1 LH thread pitch . We may eventually offer an adapter but at the time of this writing the three options are:


1) If you have a guide rod issue on your pistol, you can purchase a 1.57” AST Solvent Trap or a 1.40” Halo AST solvent trap, coupled with an ADV1 or ADV2 with a 13.5x1LH thread pitch

2) You may purchase our Radial-8 kit and the additional 13.5×1 LH thread mount

3) Lastly, you may choose to purchase any kit or titanium kit and select the 1/2×28” thread adapter option before adding it to cart. Then you can source external companies for a 1/2×28” Male to 13.5×1 LH Female thread pitch and this will allow for adaptation for cleaning

We get this question quite a bit! These details are included in each of the 1.57″OD product specs and description areas, but we understand that there’s a lot of information to consider.

For each of the 1.57″OD Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits, whether it be the GR5 Titanium, 304 Stainless Steel, Billet Aluminum or Radial-8 Kit, have a 1.375-24 TPI or Thread Pitch.

This thread pitch does not only apply to the tube and thread mount, but to the sealed end cap and each of the storage cups on each of the aforementioned kits, respectively.

We have many requests for various thread pitches. Armory Den tries accommodate demand for what is economically feasible. Metric thread pitches are being phased out by many manufacturers with a US presence. Even though AK-47s may always have original threads when it comes to it’s major European manufacturers, the thread pitch is not in enough of a demand for it to be considered as a product addition, production costs would outweigh revenue opportunity.

Currently: 6/13/2021: “Armory Den is researching conversion adapter options that would allow the male/female M14x1 LH thread to convert to a male/female 5/8×24” thread for business feasibility. Please remain subscribed to our e-mail list for future product updates.

This is a very common question and there are many brands, types and models out there. Armory Den does not test products that are sold by other companies, but we do have an entire line of Adaptive Solvent Traps with industry standard thread pitches. Our 1.57” OD GR5 Titanium AST Kit, 1.57” OD 7075 Billet AST Kit, 1.57” OD 304 Stainless Steel AST Kit, and our 1.57” Radial-8 AST Kit, all come with an industry standard 1.375-24 TPI cup | divider and tube thread. These kits will adapt to our optional 1.375-24 TPI (Male) to 1.1875-24 TPI (Female) Adapter.

Our 1.40” Halo Stainless Steel AST Kit comes with an industry standard 1.1875-24 TPI cup | divider and tube thread.

Even though these are industry standard thread pitches, many third party companies will use slightly different thread pitches, but the same companies or competitors of these companies will offer adapters to convert the threads to one of the two industry standard thread pitches mentioned above.

Armory Den, Inc will not be able to go into detail regarding which third-party company products work with our kits. We recommend sourcing adaptability using the industry standard thread pitches mentioned above!

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Product FAQs
William Patterson
May 25, 2021.
As I shopped for the product, I kept returning to the Den website. Descriptions are clear, lots of good information, very good value. Ordering is simple, terms are straightforward. I had special shipping instructions, followed perfectly. Secure packaging. The trap is well machined, fits tight, and is nicely finished. The hand-feel has heft and is of quality. Extra care at every step. Thanks.
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May 3, 2021.
Let me just start with Thank you Armory Den! What exceptional customer service! Their response time to emails, is faster response time then the police department has where I live for 911 calls lol j/k. Seriously, they answered me on Sunday, morning and afternoon. No company does that! Also, I asked about a part I thought came with my order. I was ready to pay for it, nope, they sent them to me for free, and shipped on a Sunday! No one does that! I’m a customer for life! I even canceled an order I had with another company, just so I can buy from ARMORY DEN! My business motto is “always do the right thing l, no matter what” they obviously follow it also!
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Paul F
April 7, 2021.
I was a little skeptical about ordering honestly. I hadn't heard much about armory den and could only find good reviews lol. But I took a chance and put through an order. Everything arrived as described and is awesome. Be aware that you may receive multiple shipments based on what you order. These guys respond fast and from what i have seen, produce quality products. They have my future business. I've put up similar reviews and given a recommendation on their FB page.
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Michael Whitehurst
February 14, 2021.
Great experience. Product can exactly on time, as expected. Very pleased with product. Very well engineered and good quality. Customer service is excellent. Answered all questions quickly and very informative about products. Will definitely be ordering more in the future
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Mike Perkins
January 19, 2021.
Great customer service. When the item I ordered was late being delivered by USPS, they stepped up to the plate and made things right. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in well made quality products. You guys rock! Mike
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January 13, 2021.
Very nice quality item and excellent customer service. Prompt responses to questions. Would highly recommend.
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Dwight Ramer
December 9, 2020.
Excellent customer service, go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied as a customer. Would highly recommend the Den for any of your needs of there products,
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December 4, 2020.
I think of all the online retailers I have dealt with, these guys are truly set up for great customer service. They have gone way out of their way to make this buying experience more than great. Quick response to the needs of customers are rare today. Thank you for doing what other online realtors have just forgot to do. Taking care of the customer.
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Jim Denison
December 3, 2020.
Thanks for taking care of everything. It’s been a pleasure working with all the staff in all aspects of the Purchase, returns, credit and exchanges-all due to my decisions & mistakes.The quality products and stellar customer service are impressive. The Armory Den has certainly earned my business for life.

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Product FAQs
Product FAQs

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**Armory Den will not reply to inquiries and/or questions related to Form 1 builds and/or modifications. We sell solvent traps for cleaning purposes, and we do not recommend or endorse any modifications to our products. All visitors should review our ATF Legal Den, website Terms and Conditions, and our website's Privacy Policy for more information, prior to purchasing products form our site.