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We will keeping an eye out on the Congress (CRA) Resolution. Although Armory Den does not agree with this ruling, nor the adequacies of information provided on it’s effect on Solvent Trap cleaning and dry storage solutions, Armory Den must act accordingly until more information is provided. To all visitors and customers, we appreciate your support and for your interest in our products!

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Questions & Answers

Product Specific Questions

The most frequently purchased solvent traps, by surveyed customers who own a .22lr,  is our 7” Aircraft Grade Aluminum 1.45” OD Solvent Trap and our 6″ or 7″ Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kit (1.05″ OD).

You will need to use the 1/2×28” thread protector in order to attach it prior to cleaning your .22lr.

If you want a more durable solvent trap with anti-corrosive properties, then the 7” GR5 Titanium 1.45″ OD Solvent Trap Tube Kit is also an option, and includes the 1/2×28″ size thread protector.
The most frequently purchased solvent traps for either a .17 HMR or .22 LR would be our 7” Aircraft Grade Aluminum 1.45” OD Solvent Trap, which includes two of the most common thread protector sizes. However, you would want to use the 1/2×28” thread protector so you may attach it to your barrel prior to cleaning either of these calibers.
If you’re looking for a more durable option with benefits to wear-and-tear and anti-corrosive properties, we have our 7” Titanium Solvent Trap Tube Kit. This is a popular option that allows you to choose a 1/2×28” thread protector.
Generally, customers tend to purchase our 6″ or 7″ Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kits (1.05″ OD). However, any solvent trap with a 1/2×28″ thread protector will work for cleaning a .22lr or .17hmr.
When it comes to choosing the best Solvent Trap for your .30 Cal Firearm, it comes down to personal preference. Is trapping solvent a primary goal? Do you also want a solution for storage during transport? Or even Dry Storage of cleaning supplies and other related items during non-use? If the thread pitch matches your firearm, then it will work for cleaning your .30 Cal.
The most commonly purchased solvent traps for .30 Cal setups are our Titanium and Stainless Steel models due to anti-corrosive properties, added storage space. Honestly, Titanium are our most popular solvent trap kits across cleaning all calibers. They are less susceptible to dings and scratches, and the material can help reduce wear-and-tear regards to consistent threading-on and off. All of these options would use a 5/8×24″ Thread Protector for this setup, and we have solid high-grade  7075 aluminum models as well.
Titanium is more corrosion resistant than aluminum and other metals, but if it helps, our aluminum kits are Aircraft Grade. Therefore, titanium is a more expensive option due to the materials, but the best bang for your buck. Titanium solvent trap kits may also assist as a misfire risk reduction device during transport. It is important to note that this is not a use endorsed by Armory Den, Inc, but is rather an ancillary use reported back to us from some of our customers.
Please note: Armory Den does not claim responsibility for the use of a solvent trap as a misfire risk reduction device, and makes no guarantees that risk of injury or property damage will not occur in the event of a misfire. However, larger caliber firearms would require stronger metals if used in this capacity. Please review our cleaning manual/instructions on all product pages. Firearms should never be loaded while a solvent trap is attached.
Attention AK47, AK74, Yugo Owners: Some firearms, such as AK47s and the like, use an M14x1 LH Eurometric Thread Pattern and we do not have any direct thread protector options for this thread pitch. Eventually, Armory Den will offer 5/8×24″ Male to M14x1 LH Female Thread Adapters, but currently these adapters must be sourced externally in order to adapt to Armory Den kits. Please note, if you do purchase the adapter mentioned above, be sure to select 5/8×24″ as your thread protector of choice when purchasing titanium kits. For more thread pitch information, please visit our Thread Pitch Guide.
When choosing the best Solvent Trap for your 9mm pistol, it will come down to personal preference. Any solvent trap with the correct thread pitch will work for cleaning. Most 9mm pistols with threaded barrels have 1/2×28″ barrel threads, some have 13.5×1 LH.
Commonly purchased solvent traps for 9mm pistols are the 7″ Aluminum 1.45″ OD Solvent Trap Tube Kit or 7″ GR5 Titanium 1.45″ OD Solvent Trap Tube Kit.
A new popular launch that has taken off quickly for 9mm pistol cleaning is our 1.50″ OD (D Cell) AD-EX 7075 Aluminum with Stainless Steel CNC Cups Kit. This kit is popular because it comes with a 1.375-24 TPI (D Cell) Industry Standard Thread Pitch and includes a 1.1875-24 TPI Conversion Adapter. Standardization helps give customers a solvent trap kit that allows for further streamlined cleaning capabilities.
Since many polymer based 9mm pistols, mainly Glocks, have a guide rod issue blocking the slide action during cleaning this kit allows for more streamlined cleaning through industry standard adaptability to extension devices and other quick detach muzzle devices (if used on an AR-15 or other type of rifle where removing a flash hider is inefficient and annoying).
Most medium to large frame Glocks, be it a Glock Model 19, 23, 17, 22, etc. have what we refer to as an overextending ‘guide rod’, which poses an issue when it comes to doing a cursory bore clean with a flexible cleaning brush or bore snake. If you purchase a solvent trap and direct thread it to your Glock you will not be able to ‘rack’ or ‘cock’ the slide as your Glock’s guide rod will hit the base of the solvent trap, impeding the slide motion from opening the ejection port area for cleaning.
If you own a 1.375-24 TPI solvent trap kit, many customers have found streamlined cleaning devices on the open market to couple with their Glocks (i.e. 45ACP = .578×28, 9mm = 1/2×28”, 40 S&W = 9/16×24”, etc.) to work wonders in overcoming the overextending guide rod issue. Please be advised that Armory Den only provides standardized adapters and solvent trap cleaning kits and due to product liability reasons can not speak or provide recommendations on third party products!
We get this question quite a bit. Many of our solvent traps come with industry standard thread pitches of 1.375-24 TPI or 1.1875-24 TPI. These standardized thread pitches allow for more options and capabilities with streamlined (QD) cleaning needs. Armory Den only recognizes Quick Detach Setups to allow for simplified and streamlined cleaning and only provides industry standard thread pitch options on select solvent traps. We do not currently sell any quick detach items though and unfortunately, due to product liability reasons, Armory Den Team Members are unable to speak about recommendations and/or third-party products in any way.
Disclaimer: Some of our solvent traps, such as our 10″ Aluminum Tube 1.75″OD | 1.50″ID Stainless Steel Cups Kit, 9″ 7075 Aluminum Tube 1.73″OD | 1.375ID D Cell K Cup Kit are direct thread kits only and do not come equipped with the above-mentioned standardized thread pitches.
No. Our 7” Aluminum or Titanium 1.45” OD Tube with Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kits are not B Cell Kits. The only reason Armory Den uses the terms D and B Cell are to give an industry standard idea of the size of the diameter of the solvent trap. Furthermore, if we refer to one of our solvent trap kits as a D Cell Kit, it means that the thread pitch is 1.375-24 TPI (Standardized), if we refer to one of our solvent trap kits as a B Cell Kit, it means that the thread pitch is 1.1875-24 TPI (Standardized).  Furthermore, most D Cell Kits have Outer Diameters of 1.5” and Inner Diameters of 1.3”, while B Cell Kits have Outer Diameters of 1.313” and Inner Diameters of 1.15”.
Our 1.45″OD Tube Kits are a custom in-between size kit with a metric thread pitch (Non-Standardized). These kits have a 1.45” Outer Diameter and a 1.25” Inner Diameter, and a custom M34X1.25 Eurometric Thread Pitch. Therefore, if you are looking for a more streamlined cleaning approach to quickly attach and detach your solvent trap to your firearms (or overcome the Glock Guide Rod Issue), you should look at our M34x1.25 to 1.1875-24 TPI Stainless Steel Adapter.
Per our website disclaimers and terms and conditions, our Muzzle Devices (i.e. M34 Device that is the only device that will adapt to our 1.45″OD M34x1.25 Metric Kits for streamlined cleaning) are sold to assist with streamlined cleaning and to help bipass the guide rod issue that causes a slide lock on many Browning Style Pistols of today (please see our homepage video for more information).

**The unique metric thread on our 1.45″OD Kits is not adaptable to any other industry muzzle devices or muzzle extension devices for streamlined cleaning!

This will be purely based on preference and also on the size of the solvent trap being used to clean the rifle in question. Assuming you are using our 10” Aluminum 1.75”OD Solvent Trap Tube kit (includes 9 Stainless Steel Cups), using the spacer plus 4 to 6 cups should be optimal. This kit includes both a 1/2×28″ and 5/8×24″ thread protector.
As you jam your cleaning rod through your rifles ejection port area (after applying your chosen cleaning solvent) your rod will go down your barrel and into your solvent trap. You may not want to use all of the storage cups as this will leave a little extra room for the cups to have some motion and for the solvent to collect and flow around the side of the storage cups.
We recommend playing with the amount of cups you use during the cleaning process to get the best and most comfortable setup that works for you.
The 7″ GR5 Titanium 1.45″ Tube and GR5 Titanium (AST) Adaptive Solvent Trap are two completely different kits with unique differences.

The GR5 Titanium 1.45″ Tube has a m34x1.25 thread pitch (euro-metric) and the GR5 Titanium 1.57″ OD AST and the GR5  TITANIUM 1.57″ OD AST Series II Kits have a 1.375-24 TPI thread pitch (more standardized). Previously, the only muzzle extension available for the 7” GR5 Titanium Tube Kit to support the cleaning process (video on homepage) for firearms with guide rod issues is the M34 Muzzle Extension Device.

The Armory Den Product Development Team is always listening to customer feedback and one of the most common requests related to the 7″ GR5 Titanium Tube Kit was related to standardized configurations for streamlined cleaning. Many of our customers expressed their need to clean AR Style Platform Rifles (AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles), but did not want to dedicate unnecessary time and energy removing their firearm flash hider with a vice and AR Wrench in order to attach and detach their 7″ GR5 Titanium Tube Solvent Trap, but many of these customers really liked this kit. Furthermore, customers’ wanted more a more streamlined cleaning approach that a standardized tube thread would provide; allowing for adaptation to various muzzle devices for quickly attaching and detaching their solvent trap for each cleaning session.

The Armory Den Product Development Team listened and created the M34x1.25 Metric to 1.1875-24 TPI Stainless Steel Conversion Adapter. This adapter also work on the 1.45″ OD Aluminum version.

Because the GR5 Titanium 1.57”OD AST Kits (Series I and II) have a more standardized thread pitch (1.375×24 TPI – 1.375×24”), there are many items on the market that may adapt it to support cleaning processes. Additionally, the GR5 Titanium 1.57”OD AST Kit can be purchased with the optional 1.375×24”(male) to 1.1875×24”|1-3/16×24”(female) TPI adapter to adapt to muzzle devices such as our ADV1 and ADV2  Muzzle Extension Kits to support the pistol cleaning process for those with guide rod issues.

The GR5 Titanium 1.57”OD AST Kits (Series I and II) also allow for additional storage space and the ability to create storage compartments for various cleaning supplies.


The Series I and Series II GR5 Titanium AST Kits are very similar in many ways, but there are some notable differences as well –


  • Grade 5 Titanium
  • 1.18″ Inner Diameter | 1.57″ Outer Diameter
  • Adaptive Modular Storage Cups that provide additional cleaning supply storage compartments
  • 1.375-24 TPI Kit Thread Pitch (Applies to the Adaptive Modular Storage Cups, Tube Extension, Sealed End Cap, and Thread Protectors)
  • Interchangeable with other Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit parts that sport a 1.375-24 TPI Thread Pitch


  • The Series II GR5 Titanium AST Kit has a max length of 7″
  • The Series II GR5 Titanium AST Kit has an octogonal exterior that many customers prefer (some claim it allows for easier loosening and tightening to ensure a tight seal and minimal leakage)
  • Different tube extension exterior with with different lathe-work

Due to product liability purposes, we are unable to make specific kit recommendations. It is important to know though, as long as the solvent trap cleaning kit comes with the correctly threaded mount (1/2×28″), then any solvent trap will work for cleaning your .223 | 5.56 NATO. For a .223 the 7” titanium tube with stainless cups with 1/2×28 thread protector is a popular option by far.


Billet is similar to the term Milled, meaning the solvent trap kit is built from a single block of 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Conversely, if something is not Billet or Milled, then it is most likely Forged.

Forged means that the metals are shaped and fused through a forging process that’s inherently not as sturdy. For those using the solvent traps as misfire risk reduction systems during transport and travel, the Billet feature of this solvent trap is appealing.

T6 6061 Aluminum is not as strong as 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, but the former is much more popular on tube kits and holds it’s own during the cleaning process or during misfire risk reduction uses.

This is a very common question and the short answer is yes, you can use the 1.57” Billet Aluminum Cups, Tubes, End Caps or Thread Protectors on the Titanium or 304 Stainless Steel version and visa versa.

If you are threading Titanium to  Aluminum, thread the parts together carefully, otherwise the hardness of the GR5 Titanium parts can cause unnecessary wear and finish removal of the 1.57” Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit. Stainless Steel has a polished finish like titanium and won’t have the issues that threading onto aluminum would have since these two metals have a similar hardness.

This is a great question, we get this one quite a bit! “Direct Thread Only” means means that the solvent trap was built to be directly threaded to a firearm for cleaning using a thread protector. The tube threads on these kits were not threaded with aftermarket adaptation in mind. Some of these kits have rare eurometric thread pitches. For example, Our 9″ 1.73″ OD D Cell K Cup Kit was created with 1.375″ diameter D Cell sized K Cups, but we did not use a standard D Cell Thread Pitch (normally that is 1.375-24 TPI). The reason for this is because this is a heavier kit that one would not normally use in conjunction with a booster to a clean a pistol. Putting such a kit on a pistol will most likely make the cleaning process more of a chore than not using a kit at all – this is due to the fact that this kit comes with 304 stainless steel K cups and is on the heavier end.

The 1.10″ Stainless Steel Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit is another example of a direct thread only setup – 1.10″ is very small in outer diameter as is and even if there were a thread pitch available that is more standardized, there exist no muzzle devices on the market that will adapt to such a small diameter kit.

Additionally, our 10″ Long by 1.75″ OD Aluminum Tube with 1.25″ID Stainless Steel Cups Kit is another direct thread only setup; it’s Eurometric thread pitch does not allow for aftermarket muzzle devices.

So if these are direct thread only setups, what do you offer that is not?

Our 1.57″OD Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with Adaptive Storage Cups, Our 1.57″OD GR5 Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with Adaptive Storage Cups Kit and our Radial-8 Billet Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit with Radial Storage Cups Kit all come with 1.375-24 TPI Tube, End Cap and Storage Cup Thread Pitches. This is a standardized thread pitch that adapts to many muzzle devices on the market to support the cleaning process. Furthermore, these kits come with an optional 1.375-24 TPI (Male) to 1.1875-24  TPI (Female) Adapter that allows for further adaptation to devices such as boosters and trilugs, again to support the firearm cleaning process.

Our 7″ Titanium Tube 1.45″OD with 1.25″ID Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kit and our 7″ Aluminum Tube 1.45″OD with 1.25″ID Stainless Steel Storage Cups Kit both come with a M34x1.25 Eurometric pitch. Though these two kits do not adapt to aftermarket muzzle devices,  for those looking to clean their pistols and avoid the “Guide Rod Issue” inherent in pistols such as Glocks, Armory Den offers the M34 Booster that will work with these kits.

13.5×1 LH is popular, but most firearms companies such as Sig are phasing them to the 9mm American Standard thread pitch of 1/2×28”  — Due to the phase out that’s happening, Armory Den limits the product offering of the 13.5×1 LH thread pitch .

The only option that is currently offered by Armory Den is our 13.5 x 1 LH mount that is made for our AD Radial Series 1 Kit. This mount is standardized though at 1.375-24 TPI and thus, should work with other cleaning kits that match this thread!



We get this question quite a bit! These details are included in each of the 1.57″OD product specs and description areas, but we understand that there’s a lot of information to consider.

For each of the 1.57″OD Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits, whether it be the GR5 Titanium, 304 Stainless Steel, Billet Aluminum or Radial-8 Kit, have a 1.375-24 TPI or Thread Pitch.

This thread pitch does not only apply to the tube and thread protector, but to the sealed end cap and each of the storage cups on each of the aforementioned kits, respectively.

Armory Den’s AD-EX D-Cell Solvent Trap kit and 1.57″OD Adaptive Solvent Trap kits, come with standardized 1.375-24 TPI and include a 1.1875-24 TPI Conversion Adapter. The depths of the TPI adapter and cleaning storage cup spacers are fairly deep.
Many muzzle devices or extension devices used on the open market should work, if they do not adapt, we have a Return and Exchange provision within our Terms & Conditions. Stipulations Apply:

Armory Den does not guarantee that muzzle devices, extension devices, or other quick detachable devices for streamlined cleaning that are on the open market will adapt to its products, even if the industry thread pitch matches. Other machining sizes or shapes may create fitting issues. We have yet to hear such feedback, but if you have an issue, we will refund you as long as you meet the refund requirements in the link shared above.

As disclaimed thoroughly on both the AD-EX D Cell Solvent Trap Cleaning Kit and the AD K Cup D Cell Solvent Trap Cleaning  Kit, the term “D Cell” is used simply to give our customers an idea of the size of the kit. Regarding the AD-EX D Cell Kit(s), the storage cup and inner tube diameter is 1.355″. The 9″ K Cup D Cell Kit has an inner tube and storage cup diameter of 1.375″. Therefore, the cups are not interchangeable between these two kits.
Armory Den does not test nor guarantee that its storage cups will adapt to other products on the market, this is not our goal in making our D Cell Kits. Starting with the AD-EX D Cell Kit, all of our D Cell Tube Threads will be industry standard at 1.375-24″, which is the main benefit of the D-Cell referencing.

Important Note: Our 9″ K Cup D Cell Kit has a eurometric thread pitch and is made to be direct thread only for firearms cleaning and will not adapt to any muzzle extension devices.

This is a great question. Starting with shotguns, if you take a look at this article, you will see that we have removed the “Important Note” from the bottom of the post and included it just below. This will give you the “brass tacks” related to cleaning a shotgun.


Important Note: The shotgun cleaning and cleaning kit information above is for educational purposes to inform shotgun owners of the pros and cons of various types of cleaning kits and tools. Solvent trap cleaning kits, such as the ones sold by Armory Den, Inc. are not able to be used to clean shotguns due to their unique takedown mechanics and build. 
The right shotgun cleaning kit must have at least three elements; a bore brush, a bore mop, and a bore snake or a cleaning rod. You should also consider your shotgun gauge and ensure the shotgun cleaning kit is suitable before purchasing one.
What about cleaning Bolt Action Rifles?

Armory Den will not claim to know each and every firearm, nor has Armory Den tested the cleaning of each and every firearm in existence that a solvent trap kit will work with. If a bolt action rifle has a threaded barrel, it is possible to clean the firearm, but many firearms have different takedown mechanics. Therefore, users should study the firearms they own to understand if it makes sense to attempt to supplement firearm cleaning with a solvent trap cleaning kit!

Pressed stainless steel storage cups are included with our 1.45″OD, 1.05″OD and 1.75″OD Solvent Trap Tube Kits. Depending on the amount and type of ammo used since your last cleaning (i.e. brass or steel), it may require cleaning rods, brushes and tools to be plunged more drastically to free up the debris. Pressed storage cups are not the same as machined CNC storage cups, which we do offer. However, if  you were to jam a cleaning rod (forcefully) against pressed stainless steel cups or leave these storage cups sitting around, they could end up dented if you step on them or accidently drop something heavy on them. This may prevent usage while cleaning, catching (using one cup method per our product guide), or storing back into the tube for transport.
We also offer solvent trap kits that are more durable with anti-corrosive properties, such as our GR5 1.45″ OD Titanium Solvent Trap Tube Kit and 7″ AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit. These solvent traps tube kits include CNC machined storage cups and the storage cups have a higher quality build. You do not have to worry about stepping on or dropping something heavy on them and denting them. They are stack easier and harder to knock over during cleaning sessions. The lighter and thinner pressed stainless steel cups can be easily knocked over. If you clean your firearm in your garage (or even a den), they are less likely to be lost, roll under a mounted work bench, or something heavy that you really have no desire of moving.

Certainly! Like any online store, it’s important to offer replacement parts in the event of loss or damage. You may click here to be brought to our Solvent Trap Parts. Search a variety of items that will allow you to continue routine firearm cleaning. If parts are out of stock, please visit us again later for updated stock quantities.

if you purchased one of our Adaptive Solvent Trap kits an would like to create additional storage compartments, feel free to check out our AD Space Connectors that are compatible with 1.57″ OD AST models. How to create more storage compartments with AD Space Connectors.

We have many requests for various thread pitches. Armory Den tries accommodate demand for what is economically feasible. Metric thread pitches are being phased out by many manufacturers with a US presence. Even though AK-47s may always have original threads when it comes to it’s major European manufacturers, the thread pitch is not in enough of a demand for it to be considered as a product addition, production costs would outweigh revenue opportunity.
Currently: 6/13/2021: “Armory Den is researching conversion adapter options that would allow the male/female M14x1 LH thread to convert to a male/female 5/8×24” thread for business feasibility. Please remain subscribed to our e-mail list for future product updates.
This is a very common question and there are many brands, types and models out there. Armory Den does not test products that are sold by other companies, but we do have an entire line of Adaptive Solvent Traps with industry standard thread pitches. Our 1.57” OD GR5 Titanium AST Kit, 1.57” OD 7075 Billet AST Kit, 1.57” OD 304 Stainless Steel AST Kit, and our 1.57” Radial-8 AST Kit, all come with an industry standard 1.375-24 TPI cup | divider and tube thread. These kits will adapt to our optional 1.375-24 TPI (Male) to 1.1875-24 TPI (Female) Adapter.
Our 1.40” Halo Stainless Steel AST Kit comes with an industry standard 1.1875-24 TPI storage cup and tube thread. Even though these are industry standard thread pitches, many third party companies will use slightly different thread pitches, but the same companies or competitors of these companies will offer adapters to convert the threads to one of the two industry standard thread pitches mentioned above.
Armory Den, Inc will not be able to go into detail regarding which third-party company products work with our kits. We recommend sourcing adaptability using the industry standard thread pitches mentioned above!
This is a common question question. Glocks are known to run, so doing a cursory bore clean and lube with a flexible cleaning brush is more common than you may think. The issue arises when installing a solvent traps greater than 1.10″ in outer diameter. The overextended guide rod hits the base of the solvent trap, thus inhibiting the slide movement. This makes quick bore cleaning impossible.
Most of Armory Den’s solvent traps cleaning kits are either standardized (1.375-24 TPI) or have adapters that allow the conversion to another common standardized thread pitch (1.1875-24 TPI). All of Armory Den’s solvent trap cleaning kits have a B Cell Inner Diameters or greater, and will be standardized moving forward. There are a plethora of options on the market to extend standardized solvent trap for cursory cleaning and overcoming the guide rod issue, and less options for metric thread pitches. Customers must research options to overcome the guide rod issue as we are unable to provide recommendations or speak on third-party items not actively listed on our websites product catalog.
Again, due to product liability reasons, Armory Den is unable to speak on or give recommendations related to third-party products that are not offered by us, even if they have compatible threads. All information that is needed is located in the Product Specifications, Product Description, and FAQs areas of our website.
At the time of writing this FAQ Response, Armory Den’s AD-EX  7″ D-Cell Solvent Trap Cleaning Kit is a brand new launch. The tube comes with an industry standard thread pitch of 1.375-24″, which allows for the adaptation to many muzzle devices on the market that facilitate streamlined and simplified cleaning.
Included TPI Adapter

The included TPI Adapter, is a 1.375-24 TPI Male to 1.1875-24 TPI Female adapter. This adapter can be used (optional) in order to convert the solvent trap cleaning kit to 1.1875-24 TPI, which is also a popular industry standard thread pitch for further muzzle device adaptation for streamlined and simplified firearms cleaning.

This is a very common question and a fairly straightforward one for us to respond too. Depending on the firearm that you are intending on cleaning using an Armory Den Solvent Trap, may require you to establish a few things first: 1.) You must establish if the type, make and/or model has a threaded barrel at all and 2.) If it is equipped with a thread, you must determine what the thread pitch is.
Is it threaded?

AR Style Platforms, such as AR-10s and AR-15s, along with AK Platforms, such as AK-74s and AK-47s, all come equipped with threaded barrels. Therefore, with a few tools you are able to remove the thread protector which is normally a flash hider, then proceed by replacing the exposed thread with the solvent trap of your choice. Once complete with a cleaning session, you will then be able to replace the exposed thread with the flash hider or thread protector. For those interested in streamlined cleaning that does not require the constant removal of the item that serves as the default thread protector, there are muzzle devices such as the AD Trilug that can save a lot of time during cleaning sessions.

Pistol threading is very easy to ascertain whether they are threaded or not. Whether it be a Glock, Sig, HK, or other brand, if you do not see the thread protruding from the front of the pistols’ muzzle (i.e. the barrel is flush or close to it, and ends where the front part of the slide ends), then it is simply not threaded and a threaded barrel will need to be purchased for that specific firearm. If the pistol is threaded, then there will be a threaded portion protruding a fair amount from where the slide ends. This is up to the user to determine as most brands handle factory threaded barrel offerings differently. For example, Sig Sauer offers factory threaded barrels, they offer pistols without threaded barrels and even have multiple lines of their own threaded barrels. Glock on the other hand, ceased production of factory threaded barrels years back with the exception of certain exclusive offerings available from certain distributors (i.e. Lipsey’s and Davidson’s have offered threaded Glock models that were specifically made and branded for said distributors).

*Note: If you desire to use an Armory Den Cleaning Kit for firearms cleaning and your firearm does not come equipped with a threaded barrel, you must purchase one in order for any of our kits to attach to the firearm. Armory Den does not supply these items and due to product liability, can not communicate on any external company products. 

Mine is threaded, but how do I know what the thread pitch is?

Armory Den provides as many resources as possible to assist its customers in finding the best cleaning solution for their firearms; This is specifically why we have provided our Thread Pitch Guide. There is one thing that we recommend customers determine though, prior to moving forward with a solvent trap purchase. Most threaded barrels will correspond with our Thread Pitch Guide, but in light of metric vs US Standard threadings, there are sometimes more than one pitch that a barrel may be threaded in. For example, Sig Sauer barrels and other European firearms used to be threaded metrically. Therefore, rather than a 9mm having a 1/2 x 28″ thread pitch, it would be a 13.5×1 LH (Left Hand Rotation) metric thread pitch. In the same manner, a .45 ACP would have a 16×1 LH metric thread pitch, rather than a .578 x 28″ thread pitch. Many of these metric threads are phasing to US Standardized pitches, but in light of the various aftermarket variations and even factory variations, it is the customer’s responsibility to determine these characteristics.

Product FAQs

Our Awesome Community!

Product FAQs
February 13, 2022.
Armory Den = HELL YEA! 🙂 Finally a company who doesn't rip people off. I searched forever for a trap kit that matches industry design and option. Ran into tons of scam sites until now. I bought the 304 Steel Adaptive Trap (10" inch) and that was on a Friday. That same night or the next day they already had USPS label from Florida and it shipped out that same day! Armory Den is the best site out of all the knock off scams or just plain fraudulent sites claiming to sell traps. Everything from their shipping to the transparency of sells via Stripe payment, keeps reputation in the front seat. Thank you whoever runs Armory Den. You are doing so many people favors. Your prices are cheapest along with design and materials offered. Its China that makes knock offs and Armory Den DONT PRODUCE OR SELL THAT GARBAGE. (P.S. stay away from Solvent Traps Direct).
Product FAQs
December 17, 2021.
Amazing! Absolutely thrilled with the level of customer service. Anytime I had a question they respond very quickly and always answer my questions completely. I love their packaging. While it may be somewhat difficult to get to their products through all the packaging, I really appreciate that they take the time to properly wrap their products. I feel like this attention to detail would protect my order if the delivery person were to leave it where it could get rained on or left in the weather. The packaging is amazing, and I will continue to return as a customer.
Product FAQs
Mike S.
December 11, 2021.
Outstanding on all fronts Great company! I am 110% satisfied with my experience. The ordering process was easy and secure. The package arrived 3 days early by USPS. The product was extremely well-packaged: outer bubble envelope, inner bubble wrap, a box, and the individual pieces were separated and secured within holes in foam material. The trap itself is very well constructed as advertised. I’m glad I paid the extra $$ for a high quality product rather than risk with a random internet company just out for sales. Also customer service responds within hours and is extremely responsive—they have actual humans interacting with you! Will use again. Thx!
Product FAQs
Adam Carruth
June 19, 2021.
custumer of Armory Den for life. where do i start, well for one thing these people have custumer service covered on a legit level. the best hands down communication with me then any company has ever had. up until my first purchase amazon had that on lock. but Armory Den has them beat. And if your skeptical of the quality of material or machining. one time is all it will take for you to truely trust that every single purchase you make with them will be the best you can buy. The best business and people you will ever spend money with. I am a customer for life and that is a fact! truely greatful for a business that actually cares about the people they do business with. thanks yall god bless you!! Adam Carruth
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William Patterson
May 25, 2021.
Solid from website to my hand, top shelf As I shopped for the product, I kept returning to the Den website. Descriptions are clear, lots of good information, very good value. Ordering is simple, terms are straightforward. I had special shipping instructions, followed perfectly. Secure packaging. The trap is well machined, fits tight, and is nicely finished. The hand-feel has heft and is of quality. Extra care at every step. Thanks.
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May 15, 2021.
Great experience Great experience
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May 3, 2021.
They did the right thing! Let me just start with Thank you Armory Den! What exceptional customer service! Their response time to emails, is faster response time then the police department has where I live for 911 calls lol j/k. Seriously, they answered me on Sunday, morning and afternoon. No company does that! Also, I asked about a part I thought came with my order. I was ready to pay for it, nope, they sent them to me for free, and shipped on a Sunday! No one does that! I’m a customer for life! I even canceled an order I had with another company, just so I can buy from ARMORY DEN! My business motto is “always do the right thing l, no matter what” they obviously follow it also!
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Paul F
April 7, 2021.
This company is the real deal I was a little skeptical about ordering honestly. I hadn't heard much about armory den and could only find good reviews lol. But I took a chance and put through an order. Everything arrived as described and is awesome. Be aware that you may receive multiple shipments based on what you order. These guys respond fast and from what i have seen, produce quality products. They have my future business. I've put up similar reviews and given a recommendation on their FB page.
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Michael Whitehurst
February 14, 2021.
Great experience Great experience. Product can exactly on time, as expected. Very pleased with product. Very well engineered and good quality. Customer service is excellent. Answered all questions quickly and very informative about products. Will definitely be ordering more in the future

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Product FAQs
Product FAQs

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

Our 5 star customer reviews published on various sites such as Gun Broker and Trust Pilot, reflect our ability and drive in bringing only the best solvent traps and parts from around the world while providing top-notch customer service!  Solvent Trap Direct has one goal and that is to exceed all expectations!

Quit overpaying for solvent traps or worse, overpaying for inferior products! We keep the best 7075 type III hard-coat anodized billet machined aluminum solvent traps, titanium solvent traps, and stainless steel solvent traps in stock at all times. If you’re still looking for a reliable solvent trap products you came to the right place!

Fast Free Shipping, Nationwide.

Armory Den is a US company and wholesale supplier. We have east coast and west coast facilities in order to satisfy our customers from both ends of the country. We take pride in our den deliveries and provide fast free shipping to both our customers and businesses, as well as our wholesale partners. We rarely have problems with satisfying our deliveries, even with natural disasters and situations outside of our control.

If you’re a business interested in becoming a Den Wholesale Partner and reselling our products you may submit our wholesale solutions form below. For general inquires, give us a call or us the ‘Contact Us’ form below. A representative from the den will be getting back to you shortly. 

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Our den representatives will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

**Armory Den will not reply to inquiries and/or questions related to form 1 builds, and/or modifications, as well as automobile inquiries. We sell solvent traps for cleaning purposes, and select products for storage and transport. We do not recommend or endorse any modifications to our products. Due to product liability purposes, we are unable to provide recommendations or speak on third-party items. Armory Den will NOT respond to questions unrelated to our specific products offered on our site or irrelevant to their intended use.

All visitors should review our ATF Legal Den, website Terms and Conditions, and our website's Privacy Policyfor more information, prior to purchasing products from our site. We recommend reviewing our product page details to understand more about specifications, compatibility, etc.