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Armory Den is the only company that delivers solvent trap kits with versatile cleaning and storage capabilities. Straightforward product guides, easy-to-use products.  

Our Awesome Customers!

Armory Den
February 13, 2022.
Armory Den = HELL YEA! 🙂 Finally a company who doesn't rip people off. I searched forever for a trap kit that matches industry design and option. Ran into tons of scam sites until now. I bought the 304 Steel Adaptive Trap (10" inch) and that was on a Friday. That same night or the next day they already had USPS label from Florida and it shipped out that same day! Armory Den is the best site out of all the knock off scams or just plain fraudulent sites claiming to sell traps. Everything from their shipping to the transparency of sells via Stripe payment, keeps reputation in the front seat. Thank you whoever runs Armory Den. You are doing so many people favors. Your prices are cheapest along with design and materials offered. Its China that makes knock offs and Armory Den DONT PRODUCE OR SELL THAT GARBAGE. (P.S. stay away from Solvent Traps Direct).
Armory Den
December 17, 2021.
Amazing! Absolutely thrilled with the level of customer service. Anytime I had a question they respond very quickly and always answer my questions completely. I love their packaging. While it may be somewhat difficult to get to their products through all the packaging, I really appreciate that they take the time to properly wrap their products. I feel like this attention to detail would protect my order if the delivery person were to leave it where it could get rained on or left in the weather. The packaging is amazing, and I will continue to return as a customer.
Armory Den
Mike S.
December 11, 2021.
Outstanding on all fronts Great company! I am 110% satisfied with my experience. The ordering process was easy and secure. The package arrived 3 days early by USPS. The product was extremely well-packaged: outer bubble envelope, inner bubble wrap, a box, and the individual pieces were separated and secured within holes in foam material. The trap itself is very well constructed as advertised. I’m glad I paid the extra $$ for a high quality product rather than risk with a random internet company just out for sales. Also customer service responds within hours and is extremely responsive—they have actual humans interacting with you! Will use again. Thx!
Armory Den
Adam Carruth
June 19, 2021.
custumer of Armory Den for life. where do i start, well for one thing these people have custumer service covered on a legit level. the best hands down communication with me then any company has ever had. up until my first purchase amazon had that on lock. but Armory Den has them beat. And if your skeptical of the quality of material or machining. one time is all it will take for you to truely trust that every single purchase you make with them will be the best you can buy. The best business and people you will ever spend money with. I am a customer for life and that is a fact! truely greatful for a business that actually cares about the people they do business with. thanks yall god bless you!! Adam Carruth
Armory Den
William Patterson
May 25, 2021.
Solid from website to my hand, top shelf As I shopped for the product, I kept returning to the Den website. Descriptions are clear, lots of good information, very good value. Ordering is simple, terms are straightforward. I had special shipping instructions, followed perfectly. Secure packaging. The trap is well machined, fits tight, and is nicely finished. The hand-feel has heft and is of quality. Extra care at every step. Thanks.
Armory Den
May 15, 2021.
Great experience Great experience
Armory Den
May 3, 2021.
They did the right thing! Let me just start with Thank you Armory Den! What exceptional customer service! Their response time to emails, is faster response time then the police department has where I live for 911 calls lol j/k. Seriously, they answered me on Sunday, morning and afternoon. No company does that! Also, I asked about a part I thought came with my order. I was ready to pay for it, nope, they sent them to me for free, and shipped on a Sunday! No one does that! I’m a customer for life! I even canceled an order I had with another company, just so I can buy from ARMORY DEN! My business motto is “always do the right thing l, no matter what” they obviously follow it also!
Armory Den
Paul F
April 7, 2021.
This company is the real deal I was a little skeptical about ordering honestly. I hadn't heard much about armory den and could only find good reviews lol. But I took a chance and put through an order. Everything arrived as described and is awesome. Be aware that you may receive multiple shipments based on what you order. These guys respond fast and from what i have seen, produce quality products. They have my future business. I've put up similar reviews and given a recommendation on their FB page.
Armory Den
Michael Whitehurst
February 14, 2021.
Great experience Great experience. Product can exactly on time, as expected. Very pleased with product. Very well engineered and good quality. Customer service is excellent. Answered all questions quickly and very informative about products. Will definitely be ordering more in the future

Solvent Trap Cleaning and Storage Solutions!

Tired of waiting more than a week for your order just to find out it arrived damaged? Each and every one of our solvent trap models are packaged professionally with the utmost care so they depart quickly, safely and arrive free from surface damages. Save some headache and choose Armory Den to receive your order fast and in the condition you expect it!  

Please view the info on our product pages to learn how our products are used and for product inclusions. Armory Den sells solvent traps as firearm cleaning accessories which is their intended purpose. Our solvent traps are sold as cleaning and storage solutions which require no modifications to use resposibly and properly. 

Easy-to-Use Cleaning and Storage Solutions!

Armory Den is a U.S based company and supporter of US Veterans and First Responders. In a world where efficiency, versatility, and preparedness are paramount, we bring firearm enthusiasts and forward-thinking preppers the absolute best in solvent trap cleaning and storage solutions.

We have solvent trap tubes, thread protectors and end caps and more. Our high grade solvent traps are durable, lightweight and affordable. Elevate your storage game or make cleaning a breeze. The choice is yours and the flexibility for both are on the table. 

Clean efficiently. Stay organized. Store smart. Have fun!
Armory Den

Buying A Solvent Trap

Solvent traps are cleaning accessories that can be purchased legally. Please follow all NFA laws and federal regulations, as well as state and local laws within the states you reside. Our products are simple to use. Visitors should always refer to our product guides on each respective product page to learn how our products are used. Modification to a solvent trap could be considered a felony. Modifications or alterations to any product on our site voids product warranty and will be ineligable for return.

Due to the nature of the information posted, it becomes outdated rapidly. Users are therefore cautioned to independently verify the correctness of information contained on the website that may have become outdated.  The info on our website is not legal advice and legal advice may only be provided by a properly licensed attorney.

Armory Den Deliveries

We understand what is means to deliver high quality products in excellent condition.
Our solvent traps are the best in class, offering an effortless and efficient cleaning experience. We offer the ideal solutions for firearm enthusiasts seeking a dependable cleaning accessory that won’t weigh them down, striking a perfect balance between our lightweight designs and durability, ensuring effortless handling and seamless experience. Maintaining your firearm has never been easier or more enjoyable. Only at Armory Den, will you get the best deals and a flawless delivery. 

We strive to put the care in care package, ensuring your product arrive at your doorstep in the best condition, free from damage.

Veterans and First Responders Discounts!

Extending a hand to veterans, persons in the active military, law enforcement, firefighters, corrections officers, emergency medical personnel, and more. These individuals have served our country and/or have been exposed to traumatic events daily. They work to protect their country, our communities, many times without regard for their wellbeing – both mental and physical.

All information is confidential. We understand your concern for privacy.

Solvent Trap Cleaning Kits, Solvent Trap Parts, Cleaning and Storage Accessories and More!

Armory Den is a nationwide distributor of reliable high-quality solvent traps, solvent trap parts, thread adapters, and accessories. Our customers expand from firearm owners and firearm safety instructors to law enforcement and government officials and beyond. Our products stretch from dual purpose firearm cleaning kits and storage solutions to barrel devices and accessories. We’re proud to be the nations preferred supplier for consumers and retailers in the United States. 

Our reputation and high volume of returning customers reflect our commitment to superior products and dedication to world class customer service. By choosing our company, you guarantee the best products, price points, and customer service.

American Company.
Seasoned Machinists.

Armory Den

Solvent Trap Benefits.

Solvent traps are used during routine cleaning to help improve firearm safety, accuracy, reliability and overall performance. Solvent traps catch and trap solvent which also helps protect your skin from potentially harmful chemicals during bore cleaning processes. Our dual-purpose solvent trap products can be the perfect solution for firearm cleaning, travel storage, or both! Our eco-friendly solvent traps help us all do our part for the environment by allowing us to recycle, store, and dispose of solvent properly.

Like any product you buy from a home improvement or hardware store; our products do not cause harm or injury to anyone when used as intended. A solvent trap is used during routine firearm cleaning, a small investment to help reduce risk for Police Officers, Government Officials & Firearm Owners!

We take pride in quality control, and work with seasoned machinists to engineer high-grade solvent trap cleaning kits at competitive prices!

We Support Our Veterans!

All US Veterans and Active Military receive 10% off all Armory Den purchases, and getting verified is quick and easy! Simply visit our Veteran’s Den and complete our short verification form. Once our team verifies your submission, you will be sent an email with your very own den discount code. Use your Den Discount Code at every purchase and get 10% off for life!

Thank you for your service!

The Legality Of Solvent Traps.

Please review product guides and product information on each respective product page to learn more about our products and how they are used. We advise all visitors to view our terms and conditions and prior to purchasing products on our website. Cautionary notices and these resources below are NOT instructions on how to use our products. Cautionary notices are posted on our website serve as warnings or advisories to inform individuals about potential risks if our products are not used properly or as intended.

Please always follow all NFA laws and federal regulations, as well as state and local laws within the state you reside. Information contained on this site may be added and updated on a regular basis. Users are therefore cautioned to independently verify the correctness of information. This info is not legal advice and legal advice may only be provided by a properly licensed attorney.

Legality Of Solvent Traps


ATF Legal Den

Armory Den

We Support Our First Responders!

All First Responders receive 10% off all Armory Den purchases, and getting verified is quick and easy! Simply visit our First Responders Den and complete our short verification form. Once our team verifies your submission, you will be sent an email with your very own den discount code. Use your Den Discount Code at every purchase and get 10% off for life!

Thank you for your service!

A Seamless Experience

Armory Den is an American company offering high grade and easy-to-use solvent traps.
Our legal solvent trap solutions are eco-friendly and help you safely cleaning your firearms, and can be used or purchased as nifty storage solutions. Purchasing our products should be a fun experience! Our store was created to provide a fun environment for shoppers and to give them the resources and convenience they want! If our customers wish to return a product they purchased, they may quick and easily submit a Return Request in our Return Den Area and a return label will be provided within 24-48 hours in order to satisfy Return Requests in a timely manner without headache.
Solvent traps attach to a firearm barrel and classified as a firearm accessory. Our products do not require modification to use them as intended. Beware of illegitimate solvent traps such as those that have been indexed as intentional markings serve no purpose for cleaning or storage. If you are looking for a reliable firearm cleaning kit, be sure to source a reputable company.
Although our solvent trap tube products may look similiar to items such as filters, mufflers and even barrel shrouds, they are not. Our solvent traps are specifically  designed for restraining and trapping fluids, lubricating oils, solvent and/or debri efficiently. They can also be purchased as a storage solution, or as both a cleaning and storage solution for transport and travel.
Armory Den

Solvent Trap Overview

Thread Protectors

Solvent trap cleaning solutions offered by Armory Den are available in aluminum ortitanium. These solvent traps include either a ½x28” or 5/8×24” thread protector. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearm barrels, making a valuable addition to any firearm owner’s toolkit. Depending on items want to store, solvent traps can still be used for travel with the items they include. However, if you’re looking to use our products as a dry storage solutions then you would need an additional end cap to seal both ends of the tube. 
The 1/2×28 thread protector is used for cleaning 9mm, .22lr and .223/5.56 NATO chambered firearms. These are the more popular calibers industry wide. Therefore, ½x28” is the most popular thread pattern. 
The 5/8×24” thread protector is very popular as well, which is the thread pattern used for cleaning most larger caliber firearms, such as the .308, 7.62×39, .30 Cal , 6.5 Creedmoor, 300 Blackout and more. They don’t work if you dont have the right size. 
All you have to do is make sure you select the correct size thread protector to adapt to your firearm, prior to placing your order with us! We encourage all of our visitors to refer to our Product Guides on each respective Product Page to learn how our products are used.
Armory Den

Dry Storage Cups and Adaptive Dry Storage Cups

Solvent traps are simple in design and double as a dry storage solutions. Other products solutions are dry storage cups and adaptive dry storage cups. Dry storage cups are used as a quick catch and dispose solution during cleaning. Dry storage cups will also divide space inside of the tube for storing essential items. 
Enjoy the flexibility of using your tube as a convenient storage solutions for transport or other travel such as hiking, excursions and camping. If you want to the use the tube for dry storage, you will need to purchase an additional end cap to seal both ends of the tube.
Adaptive dry storage cups will also divide the interior space which will allow you to store small tool bits, cleaning patches, or storing essential items as mentioned above. With AD space connectors, you can customize your storage preferences and create longer storage solutions for additional storage space and storage compartments. To learn about the cleaning setup or to view various configuration possibilies for dry storage, click here now.  
Armory Den

Solvent Trap Accessories and Parts

Cleaning and Storage Made Easy!

Many of our accessories are offered independent of our solvent trap cleaning and storage solutions as some customers purchase accessories for items they already own. 

When Are Titanium Solvent Trap Parts the Right Choice?

Beyond remarkable cleaning capabilities, our titanium solutions are built to last. Like any product that would thread to another metals, titanium would be a more reliable option for countless cleaning sessions without compromising the wallet on shorter-lived materials. Titanium is a higher-grade metal, uncompromisingly strong and corrosion-resistant, with better anticorrosive properties than steel and aluminum.
Our titanium parts are expertly crafted from high-quality grade 5 titanium. Titanium models are timeless with an epitome of excellence. With titanium, you can enjoy the benefits of longevity with more durable threads that are less susceptible to wear and tear on threads.
Although the grade 5 titanium models are more expensive, titanium is lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum. If you plan to clean regularly and constantly threading is a concern, this may be a solution is for you. Don’t let firearms cleaning be chore, make it an enjoyable experience and benefit from enhanced performance and longevity of your beloved firearm with routine maintenance.
Use our Thread Pitch Guide to help you find the thread pitch for your firearm!
Upgrade your routine today!
Armory Den
Armory Den
Armory Den

Contact The Den!

Our den representatives will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Armory Den will only reply to inquiries or questions related to their intended use. Please visit our product pages for product information and product guides to learn more about our cleaning and storage solutions and how they are used. Due to product liability purposes, we are unable to provide recommendations or speak on third-party items. Armory Den reserves the right to refund customers and/or block accounts for any reason. Please review or should review our sites Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy for more information prior to purchasing products from our site.