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Armory Den’s intent is clear and detailed throughout our website, and it is the customer’s responsibility to use Armory Den’s cleaning and storage solution properly, responsibly and as intended. We encourage all of our customers to review the information on our product pages to learn more about our cleaning and storage solutions and to review our product guides to understand how easy it is to use our products. Using a solvent trap during routine cleaning helps improve firearm safety, reliability and overall performance. Solvent traps catch and trap solvent which also helps protect your skin from potentially harmful chemicals during bore cleaning processes. Our eco-friendly cleaning kits to help firearm owners do their part for the environment allowing you to recycle, store, and/or dispose of solvent properly.

A solvent trap cleaning system helps improve safety and reduce risk for police officers, government officials and firearm owners. Solvent traps help users clean their firearms without the risk of inhaling chemicals from solvent or having it come in contact with their skin. Our solvent traps can also be used for dry storage and as travel storage solutions

Please follow all NFA laws and federal regulations, as well as state and local laws within the states you reside. Modification of a solvent trap and/or solvent trap parts without an approved tax stamp could be considered a felony. Using our solvent traps as a cleaning accessory or storage solution as intended does NOT require any modifications. We encourage all our visitors to review our product guides and the initial safety instructions included.

Working together to reduce headache and runaround for our fellow ATF officers. Be Compliant And Be Safe! 

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**Armory Den will not reply to inquiries or questions related to form 1 builds, modifications, or automobile inquiries. We sell solvent traps for firearms cleaning, dry storage and customized storage. We do not recommend or endorse any modifications to our products. Due to product liability purposes, we are unable to provide recommendations or speak on third-party items. Armory Den will NOT respond to questions unrelated to our specific products or unrelated to their intended use. Armory Den reserves the right to refund customers and/or block accounts for any reason. Please review or should review our sites Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy for more information prior to purchasing products from our site if needed. Please review our product guides and more information on each respective product page to understand more about details, specifications, compatibility, etc. We recommend for our customers to wait for a response prior to purchasing a product from our website.

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