6″ or 7″ Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kit (1.05″ OD) With SS Cups (1/2×28″ + 5/8×24″ Included)


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293-569 Points!

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The 6″ or 7″ x 1.05″ OD 6061-T6 Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube with Stainless Steel Cups is an outstanding and more affordable solvent trap kit. Very popular with Ruger 10/22 and other .22LR owners, looking for a viable solvent trapping solution at a very reasonable price point, that takes no compromises on quality.

This solvent trap kit also includes both a 5/8 x 24″ and a 1/2 x 28″ thread mount and a sealed end cap, which are both constructed of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum. A stronger material than 6061 T6 aluminum to reduce wear-and-tear on the threads. This solvent trap kit has a Type III (hard-coat) Anodized finish used for Military Application.

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6 and 7 Inch6 Inch7 Inch
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The 6″ or 7″ x 1.05″ OD 6061-T6 Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube with Stainless Steel Cups is a outstanding kit that does not break the bank. Very popular with Ruger 10/22 and other .22LR owners who are looking for a viable solvent trapping solution at a reasonable price point, and takes no compromises on quality.

When it comes to solvent traps intended to clean small caliber firearms, we have learned that that many of our competitors utilize a 100% 6061 T6 aluminum construction. However, this solvent trap kit also includes both a 5/8 x 24″ and a 1/2 x 28″ thread mount and a sealed end cap, which are both constructed of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum. This material is stronger than 6061 T6 aluminum, a stronger material than 6061 T6 aluminum to reduce wear-and-tear on the threads. This kit also includes 304 nine stainless steel storage cups and is  Type III (hard coat) Flat Matte Black Anodized finish.

The thought process that goes into the overall design is just another example of the ‘Armory Den Touch’.

The aluminum spacer locks everything into place for a flawless fit. Spacers are included with select solvent trap tubes to provide space to collect solvent (collection area) and helps prevent damage during shipping and future transport. The spacer keeps the solvent trap parts snug inside the tube. All of the aluminum thread mounts and sealed end caps are constructed of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum and Type III (hard coat) anodized.

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Weight: 7.04 oz
Length: 6" or 7”
Diameter: 1.05''OD, .875" ID
Tube Build Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum and 7075 Aluminum
Finish: Type 3 Hard Anodized
Thread Mounts: 1/2'x28" and 5/8'x24" (7075 Aircraft Aluminum)


(1) Tube
(2) Thread Mounts (7075 Aircraft Aluminum)
(1) Sealed End Cap (7075 Aircraft Aluminum)
(1) Stainless Steel Spacer
(9) Stainless Steel Cups


T6 6061 Aluminum


6 and 7 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch


A solvent trap is a firearm cleaning system that is designed to capture (or “trap”) cleaning solvent during the bore cleaning process, in order to transport and dispose of it efficiently, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Solvent traps attach to a firearms muzzle and feature cups, also referred to as dry storage cups, dividers, among other interchangeable names. Solvent traps are designed in a way that ensures a bullet may not pass through them.

The BATF defines a solvent trap as a “firearm cleaning accessory”, but to make certain that a solvent trap remains within the BATF’s “firearm cleaning accessory” definition, it should be clear that they are constructed to serve such a purpose.  Our solvent traps are designed and manufactured to serve one primary purpose, which is as a firearm cleaning system. We do not endorse, support or recommend using our solvent traps or solvent trap dry storage cups to silence, muffle or diminish the report of a firearm. Rather than selling our solvent trap tubes, dry storage cups and end caps separately, our solvent trap cleaning kits include all parts needed, and they are sold for cleaning purposes only. Modifying our products and/or using them for any other uses are not recommended or endorsed by Armory Den.

Solvent traps can be purchased legally without a Form 1. However, you cannot alter, modify, or redesign them into a device for muffling, silencing, or diminishing the report of a firearm without first, paying the NFA Mandated $200 Tax Stamp (if applicable) and receiving back an approved From 1 from the BATFE. Please be aware of the restrictions and regulations and those within the states you reside. Only after getting the approved Form 1 back can you make any modifications to the product. A crime is committed if you make the alterations before obtaining the tax stamp.


Legal Solvent Trap Cleaning Kits 

Foreign Purchase Warning for Consumers

As a consumer in the solvent trap market, it is important to ask the right questions prior to purchasing online. You should understand why select solvent trap companies in the US have been shut down, why others still operate, and which companies will continue to operate. You should understand why those who purchase solvent traps overseas (i.e., China, Europe, etc.) are visited by the ATF and receive letters from the US government regarding the illegal product(s) they ordered from these companies online – even if believed to be legitimate. These questions are far more important, as opposed to saving a few dollars by ordering illegal solvent traps that are also made from weak diluted metal composites.

Armory Den is one of the most reputable and trusted solvent trap cleaning and mobile storage solution companies listed on Page 1 of Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. Being listed on Page 1 of organic search results takes time, reputability and long-term investment. Companies with long-term views invest in such a thing, and although Google does their best to show ONLY reputable companies that consumers can trust, we still see a few that put consumers at risk! Be sure to research the company, understand where the company is located and not just facilitating sales and fulfilling your order through unknown Chinese suppliers.

Illegal foreign solvent traps are permeating the US market, and a majority of them are illegal. These foreign solvent traps are not vetted, nor do these companies have U.S attorneys or former Special Agents and Specialists to ensure legal solvent traps are being engineered for legal U.S purchase. These same foreign solvent traps contain inferior and diluted metals, and poor finishes. More importantly, they contain clear and unclear characteristics deemed to show ‘constructive intent’ by regulators. This is very important to understand when you shop around for solvent trap solutions.

Even, legitimate U.S sources are littered with illegal foreign solvent traps such as firearm and non-firearm auction sites, as well as broker and other listing sites. These same illegal solvent traps are sold by the subscribers who list them on these outlets. Even Armory Den products have been cloned and listed on these same reputable auction and listing sites. You will also find European companies that also spin up websites to facilitate the sales of these same illegal solvent traps without inspecting the product they sell. Foreign companies choose to clone our products with weak materials and illegal versions, are because we dominate search engines. *Armory Den only sells products via our website.

Foreign companies will advertise their products as legal, simply because they don’t know any better – and because they are not legally bound to US laws. To these companies, you are just a sale and a number on their analytics reports. If you happen to receive one of their illegal solvent traps, you may end up with a knock at your door from the ATF, and/or receive a letter from the U.S government – A risk and headache you do not want or need.

Meanwhile, the foreign company that sold you the product will have zero repercussions. Overseas sales are monitored by the ATF through Customs, whether you believe it or not. There are also companies in the U.S who sell illegal solvent traps, simply because they do not understand what makes a solvent trap legal vs. illegal. These companies will eventually be shut down, and you don’t want to be listed as one of their customers.

This information is to help our consumers make a well-informed decision prior to purchasing a solvent trap cleaning kit online. 


6" or 7" Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kit (1.05" OD) With SS Cups (1/2×28" + 5/8×24" Included)


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