AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)


The AD Radial-8 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap is ultra light with unique lathwork on the tube and octagonal storage cups. A design intended for a sharp look and a perfect grip! This kit includes a 1/2×28” and 5/8×24” thread mount. A lighter version of our 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap.

This kit also includes 9 Radial storage cups (60-degrees), one sealed end cap, one 3” tube, and the industry standard 1.375-24″ TPI tube thread.


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AD Radial-8 Adaptive Storage Cup (1.57" OD)

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AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
Paul F
April 7, 2021.
I was a little skeptical about ordering honestly. I hadn't heard much about armory den and could only find good reviews lol. But I took a chance and put through an order. Everything arrived as described and is awesome. Be aware that you may receive multiple shipments based on what you order. These guys respond fast and from what i have seen, produce quality products. They have my future business. I've put up similar reviews and given a recommendation on their FB page.
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
Michael Whitehurst
February 14, 2021.
Great experience. Product can exactly on time, as expected. Very pleased with product. Very well engineered and good quality. Customer service is excellent. Answered all questions quickly and very informative about products. Will definitely be ordering more in the future
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
Mike Perkins
January 19, 2021.
Great customer service. When the item I ordered was late being delivered by USPS, they stepped up to the plate and made things right. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in well made quality products. You guys rock! Mike
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
January 13, 2021.
Very nice quality item and excellent customer service. Prompt responses to questions. Would highly recommend.
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
Dwight Ramer
December 9, 2020.
Excellent customer service, go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied as a customer. Would highly recommend the Den for any of your needs of there products,
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
December 4, 2020.
I think of all the online retailers I have dealt with, these guys are truly set up for great customer service. They have gone way out of their way to make this buying experience more than great. Quick response to the needs of customers are rare today. Thank you for doing what other online realtors have just forgot to do. Taking care of the customer.
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
Jim Denison
December 3, 2020.
Thanks for taking care of everything. It’s been a pleasure working with all the staff in all aspects of the Purchase, returns, credit and exchanges-all due to my decisions & mistakes.The quality products and stellar customer service are impressive. The Armory Den has certainly earned my business for life.
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
December 1, 2020.
Long story short, Armory Den has the absolute best customer service ever! I made a mess of not one, but two orders (completely my fault), they worked with me and fixed the whole thing, got back to me very quickly even on a Sunday! Will definitely be directing as much buisness as I can towards them. Also, the machine work and quality of their products are top notch, great company.
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
November 30, 2020.
My name is Andy from Tn. I have order things forever and often wonderd about the Reviews people put and what they say about a company as GOD as my witness this company is great if I emailed them I had a response in no time I order 3 and had a 10% coupon that night they honored and had money back on my card the next day!!! When I told my buddy he said now that's a company you can trust and I 100%agree and trust me theres not many of them out there anymore like this one.If your on the line about ordering from them I promise you you wont regret it Andy from Tn A REAL PERSON thanks again Armory Den I wish you and your company all the BEST!!!...
AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)
Taylor Headley
November 30, 2020.
Product is high quality, customer service was even better, I had an issue with one item and they made sure I was taken care of I will definitely be buy again

This ultra light, ultra strong Adaptive Solvent Trap is much different than it’s predecessor. The unique lathwork on the tube and cups provide for extra grip easier cleaning due to no abrupt edges, so wiping around the cups with a rag is a lot easier. Moroder, the octagonal cup exterior provides more ways to tighten the threads.

The 1.375-24″ TPI Tube Thread allows this Adaptive Solvent Trap to adapt to a variety of muzzle adapters to expand the configuration options when attaching the solvent trap to the firearm barrel, such as using an aftermarket quick detach setup to simplify the the connection and disconnection of the solvent trap for quick cleaning. Cup threads are also 1.375-24″ TPI, to keep things simple and streamlined. Rather than selling our adapters separately, the Den also includes the 1-3/16×24″ to  1.375-24″ Adapter, which allows for additional aftermarket muzzle devices and accessories.

One of the features that makes this Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit unique, are the configurable 60 degree storage cups with a modular design. Like other storage cups, they can be used to separate and store solvent for reuse or for storage during transport for proper disposal. Unlike other solvent trap designs, besides the 3″ tube that the modular store cups attach too, the modular storage cups and the tube body are one unit. The user can decide how many modular storage cups are used during cleaning and trapping solvent — this will depend on the firearm caliber and how much solvent the user requires during cleaning.

In its longest assembled transport configuration (all 9 cups installed), this solvent trap is only 9.8 ounces and 8.75″ inches long and only 3.5 ounces and a little over 3″ in its shortest configuration (with one cup installed), with a 1.57” Outer Diameter and 1.18” Inner Diameter. For those who want a shorter configuration, simply remove cups until you are happy with the configuration for your specific cleaning needs. When you receive this solvent trap, you will see it’s an Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit designed with performance and customization in mind.

Please see our “Additional Information” tab above for more product details. 

Additional information


Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits, All Solvent Trap Kits


Shortest Configuration Weight: 3.5 oz
Longest Configuration Weight: 9.8 oz
Shortest Length: 3”
Longest Length: 9"
Connector tube Length: 3''
Diameter: 1.57''OD, 1.18''ID
Cups: 9 Adaptive Radial Cups (60 degrees)
Build Materials: 7075 Billet Aluminum
Finish: Type 3 Hard Anodize – Matte Flat Black (Solid)
Thread Mounts: 5/8 x 24" & 1/2 x 28" included – (.578×28, 9/16×24" Sold Separately)
Compatible: Industry Standard Tube-Thread, 1.375”-24 TPI


All Items are Type III Hard Coat Anodized:
(1) Sealed End Cap
(1) 3" Tube Extension
(1) Threaded End Cap (1/2×28")
(1) Threaded End Cap (5/8×24")
(9) Aircraft Grade Aluminum Adaptive Radial Storage Cups (60-degrees)
(1) 1.375×24" to 1-3/16-24" Adapter (optional)


1/2×28" + 5/8×24"


Compatible with Adapters that have a Thread Pitch of 1.375” x 24" TPI or 1-3/16×24" (with included Trilug/Booster Quick Connect Adapter)


Please do not purchase products from our site before reading through our ATF Legal Den and our website's Terms & Conditions. Armory Den sells parts and products for solvent traps. Solvent traps are a “firearm accessory”. As a firearm accessory, they can be attached to the end of the barrel and with an adapter, as a cleaning accessory. Thus, they are not considered as anything other than an accessory because a bullet, or projectile, cannot pass through the tube without modification.

Solvent traps can be purchased legally without a Form 1. However, you cannot alter, modify, or redesign them into a device for muffling, silencing, or diminishing the report of a firearm without first filing and receiving back from BATFE an approved Form 1. Please be aware of the restrictions and regulations and those within the states you and/or your business reside. Only after getting the approved Form 1 back can you make any modifications to the product. A crime is committed if you make the alterations before obtaining the tax stamp. Felony alert! Don’t do any alteration or modifications to our products before getting the approved Form 1 back. Moreover, please ensure you have first paid the proper stamp taxes, as well as received back an approved Form 1 from the BATFE before purchasing any products from our website.

Armory Den disclaims any responsibility for your actions if you fail to follow these guidelines or any applicable laws. This includes Federal, state, county and municipal laws and regulations. We also cannot be responsible for any consequence, result, damage or liability following any modifications or work done on our product post purchase. (after the purchase) This includes third-party liability. No endorsement or recommendation of any alteration, work or modification to our product(s) are made by these statements. Any such alteration, work and/ or modification is executed at the sole risk and liability of the product owner. If you make a decision to make any alterations or modifications to our products, please be sure to FIRST READ, REVIEW & FOLLOW all federal regulations regarding NFA items. Please review again if you are not 100% clear after your first review of all federal regulations regarding NFA items.

We sell firearm cleaning kits for trapping solvent and accessories that can make the cleaning process easier and/or more efficient. Catching solvent is the purpose of a solvent trap kit, legally and mechanically. Discussing anything outside of our specific product specifications is something our company is unable to do. Please keep this in mind prior to on-going communication with our staff, or your messages may be ignored. Please do not purchase products from our site before reading through our ATF Legal Den and our website's Terms & Conditions.


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AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST)