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Armory Den is your reliable wholesaler and nationwide distributor of high-quality solvent traps, Adaptive Solvent Traps (AST’s),  solvent trap parts, end caps, adaptors, firearm cleaning kits, accessories and more! If you need the best price points on bulk orders – we’re it! 

Our reputation and high volume of returning customers reflect our commitment to superior products and dedication to world class customer service. 

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**Armory Den will not reply to inquiries or questions related to form 1 builds, modifications, or automobile inquiries. We sell solvent traps for firearms cleaning, dry storage and customized storage. We do not recommend or endorse any modifications to our products. Due to product liability purposes, we are unable to provide recommendations or speak on third-party items. Armory Den will NOT respond to questions unrelated to our specific products or unrelated to their intended use. Armory Den reserves the right to refund customers and/or block accounts for any reason. Please review or should review our sites Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy for more information prior to purchasing products from our site if needed. Please review our product guides and more information on each respective product page to understand more about details, specifications, compatibility, etc. We recommend for our customers to wait for a response prior to purchasing a product from our website.

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