Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?  Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?  Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?  Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?  Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

NAPA Solvent Trap

NAPA Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

If you are a law-abiding citizen and are concerned over whether using or buying a solvent trap is safe, that is completely understandable. This is especially true because of all of the shady solvent trap distributors and eCommerce sites selling items that are less than legitimate and more so because of the regulators' propensity to lump all solvent traps in a category reserved for items regulated under the Gun Control Act of 1968 or the NFA. If you have not yet, you will soon learn that solvent trap ownership is legal and 100% legitimate. The solvent trap's appearance may resemble an NFA-controlled or Class III item, but a solvent trap is not an unregistered NFA item any more than a flashlight is at Walmart. As a matter of fact, Walmart sells monocore solvent traps, which are the style of solvent traps most keenly watched by the ATF. It is the intent that defines the legal merit of solvent trap ownership.

Shady Solvent Trap Companies

One can purchase a Maglite from a hardware store or auto parts store, along with some thread mounts and freeze plugs as well, and a savvy individual can make an unregistered NFA item all the same, so why is the ATF/NFA not bothering these places? Their intent is not to sell these items as such and thus “constructive intent” would be a stretch.
Shady solvent trap companies imply and others even disclaim that their kits are being sold as “80% suppressors” or “Form 1 Kits”. Still, though, companies that sell solvent traps as Form 1 kits argue that there are no holes through the middle and claim they are legal. Essentially, the ATF/NFA have rules written that don’t align with their claims and justifications for visits or raids, it’s a shared opinion by many in the industry that they have some explaining to do.
Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?
Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

Solvent Traps are 100% Legal But...

So, it is 100 percent legal to use a solvent trap as intended, for safe cleaning and maintenance, while preserving the environment and protecting yourself from toxic firearm solvents.
However, some auto parts like the Napa fuel filters can be used as part of a solvent trap kit for cleaning and have been deemed legal by regulators. Or, at least they were…
Napa parts, freeze plugs, and fuel filters were legal as long as there was no constructive intent, but the ATF is notorious for backpaddling and fairly recently, they deemed Napa Freeze Plugs as suppressor parts. This deeming came when SDTA was given an ultimatum and was ultimately forced by the ATF to stop producing and selling Napa Freeze Plugs, which ultimately were instrumental to their solvent trap kits. It was stated publicly by one of the owners of SDTA that this part of their business, apart from the ATF told them to stop participating in it, was what generated 80% of their revenues.
Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

The Legitimacy of Napa Solvent Traps and using other Auto Parts as Firearm Accessories

In order to use an oil filter as a “solvent trap,” many people purchase thread mounts or adapters with the correct thread to match their firearm barrel. Some firearm thread pitches are conveniently the same as automotive oil filter thread pitches and can be used interchangeably. If someone wanted to convert an oil filter into an NFA Controlled item through the legal NFA Tax Stamp/ATF Form 1 Process, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. The main concern though that regulators such as the ATF have is that oil filter solvent traps or oil filters can be converted into NFA Controlled or unregistered Class III items without following this process. This is somewhat understandable, but this should not mean that individuals can not purchase or sell these items because the ATF is unconformable.
If the government could regulate anything that they felt uncomfortable about we may as well simply forfeit all of our rights because once one right is encroached on, the others will follow… Contrarily, there are specific situations where this concern is understandable, such as companies that are blatantly shady pushing items with the intent for them to be converted illegally, foreign sites masking their IP Addresses to appear legal and domestic to sell and capitalize on the black market demand for illegal items. Even sites like eBay attract shady foreign and domestic sellers of fuel filter solvent traps that imply on their ads and marketing that they can be converted into unregistered Class III items.
We have recently had many customers email us about buying these types of automotive “solvent trap parts” and modifying them to create an ATF Form 1 firearm accessory. Many times solvent traps are marketed for firearms cleaning, but when you dig deeper into an eCommerce site or businesses SEO and marketing techniques, keywords and metadata reveal that they are actually optimizing traffic flow using keywords that are geared towards the Form 1 or Class III manufacturing process. Therefore, it is not too surprising when the ATF shut down businesses or seized their items at the boarders, even though they were being marketed and sold 100% legitimately as cleaning kits or solvent traps. The ATF will attempt to contact sellers or business owners of these companies wish to obtain a list of their customers that the fuel filter solvent traps were sold too in order to confiscate them if they are deemed illicit or as unregistered NFA Controlled items.
In the past, ATF had taken the stance that it is not only the total kit but the individual parts of the items that are considered when trying to determine if the kit or individual part is an unregistered Class III or NFA Controlled item. Under this principle, if you buy these pieces, the items could be labeled NFA-controlled pieces in and of themselves. Paying the NFA Tax Stamp along with a Form 1 does not grant you permission to modify the item Form 1 is being sent in for, only the approved Form 1 accompanied by the selected serial number allows the modification to be done. It is most likely best to have the modifications done to the legal Form 1 item by a Class 2 SOT | FFL7, though per the NFA/ATF rules this is not a requirement.
You might be one of those who say no one is yet to be persecuted on the charges of homemade ATF-controlled solvent traps.
Many people have been tried and convicted for illegally modifying fuel filter solvent traps. Perhaps there is the impression that individuals are rarely caught or more rarely accused and convicted of possessing an illegal Class III item, but this could not be further from the truth.
I know someone will argue that buying these things is legitimate and it is if what’s being purchased is not already deemed an unregistered Class III item or item controlled via the NFA or Gun Control Act of 1968. ATF has previously stated that the sale of “solvent traps” and solvent trap parts is legal. Furthermore, they’ve stated that solvent traps are nothing more than a Firearm Accessory if a projectile is unable to transverse the solvent trap and it is not modified or made to muffle or suppress a firearm. The issue is that most individuals who buy them wish to modify them and make projectile pass through the barrel of these pieces rather than use them for firearm cleaning, again there’s a legal process in doing this but it is very easy for individuals to not follow it.
Sometimes, even those who do not plan to use them to silence or diminish the firearm’s report does. Looking at what has happened in the last year for other items, we can see that ATF appears to be moving to identify a firearm from purpose to use. If this is fair or acceptable for them to do, it is not a fight that you can afford as a person. We believe that, regardless of the result, the expense of defending your position is not something that makes sense to the ordinary person.
Sometimes, even those who do not plan to use them to silence or diminish the firearm’s report does. Looking at what has happened in the last year for other items, we can see that ATF appears to be moving to identify a firearm from purpose to use. If this is fair or acceptable for them to do, it is not a fight that you can afford as a person. We believe that, regardless of the result, the expense of defending your position is not something that makes sense to the ordinary person.
You are still reading this page, suggesting that your goal or interest in buying these products is to use them as a firearms cleaning kit. Also, how and where to buy a legal solvent trap.
Suppose you have bought a modified solvent trap from eBay or somewhere else. You might want to call a lawyer in your area to discuss with you how to deal appropriately with the parts without causing liability or reducing the possibility of harm. Only because you haven’t been contacted doesn’t mean they’re not going to contact you. We also had stories of people being approached by the ATF to buy these products already this week.

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Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

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Armory Den has the safety of all solvent trap consumers at heart and as our top priority. Our products are 100% legal, and we advise customers never to alter or modify our products to avoid NFA prosecution.
Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

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Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?
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Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?
Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?
Napa Solvent Traps - Legal or Illegal?

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