AD M34 Booster Extension Kit With Internal Stainless Steel Piston Spring (1.45″ Tube Kits)

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The AD M34 Booster Kit (M34x1.25), identical to the ADV1 Booster Kit in design, but with a booster thread pitch that adapts to our 1.45″ Outer Diameter Aluminum and Titanium Solvent Trap Kits. The thread pitch of M34x1.25 is made specifically for the 1.45″ OD Kits.

This highly demanded attachment weighs in at 3.8oz allowing browning type action firearms to slide back properly. Most pistols with a browning type action (Glock, Sig Sauer, HK, etc.) will require this booster to allow your firearm slide to rack properly and proceed with bore cleaning processes. Glock Guide Rods tend to hit the bottom of solvent traps which blocks the slide from opening, this Booster solves this problem.

If you are looking for a booster with a 1.1875-24 TPI, you should check out our ADV1 and ADV2 Boosters.

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The AD M34 Booster Extension Kit (Thread Pitch: M34x1.25) is identical to the ADV1 Booster Extension Kit in build and design, but differs in Thread Pitch. The AD M34 Booster Extension has a very specific Thread Pitch of M34x1.25, which matches the thread pitch of the 1.45″ OD Tube with Stainless Steel Cup Kits.

References to these Solvent Trap Kits:

1.45″ 6061 T6 Aluminum Tube Solvent Trap Kit(1/2 x28″ + 5/8 x 24″ Adapters)

1.45″ GR5 Titanium Tube Solvent Trap Kit (1/2 x 28″ Adapter)

1.45″ GR5 Titanium Tube Solvent Trap Kit (5/8 x 24″ Adapter) .

To avoid ordering the incorrect product: If you are looking for a booster extension with a 1.1875-24 TPI, you should refer to our ADV1 and ADV2 Booster Extension product pages!

This highly demanded attachment weighs in at a little over 3.8oz. For those that want to purchase one of our 1.45″ Outer Diameter Titanium Tube or Aluminum Tube and Stainless Steel Cup Kits and the AD M34 Booster Extension, our recommendation of a combined purchase comes only from a “Firearm Cleaning” point of view: Boosters provide extra length which helps in the solvent trapping process to different degrees, depending on the type, model and/or brand of pistol it is being used on.

For example, Glock owners love the AD M34 Booster Extension because with most threaded barrel configurations, the Glock Guide Rod extends and is blocked by the base of an installed solvent trap. When the guide rod is blocked when attempting to ‘rack’ the slide, the entire process is halted and the slide will not cock. In every Armory Den test, the AD M34 Booster Extension has provided enough additional length to allow the slide to rack completely, allowing solvent, barrel snakes, barrel swabs, and other cleaning tools to be fed into the ejection area for bore cleaning

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Additional information

Thread Size:

1/2×28", .578×28", 9/16×24"

Important Notice:

Important Notice: We sell boosters as an accessory and they can have multiple purposes, we do not recommend or direct how our customers use them. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they read our Legal Den area, and if the booster is used as more than an aesthetic piece or as a solvent trap accessory for increasing a cleaning kits length or adding an adapter between the barrel and muzzle accessory, that customers operate within the rules and regulations of the NFA.

Armory Den accepts no responsibility for how our boosters are used and it is the customers responsibility to pay the $200 tax stamp and get an approved BATF Form 1 if applicable. Please see our Terms & Conditions and ATF Legal Den page for more information.

Please do not purchase products from our site before reading through our ATF Legal Den and our website's Terms & Conditions. Armory Den sells parts and products for solvent traps. Solvent traps are a “firearm accessory”. As a firearm accessory, they can be attached to the end of the barrel and with an adapter, as a cleaning accessory. Thus, they are not considered as anything other than an accessory because a bullet, or projectile, cannot pass through the tube without modification.

Solvent traps can be purchased legally without a Form 1. However, you cannot alter, modify, or redesign them into a device for muffling, silencing, or diminishing the report of a firearm without first filing and receiving back from BATFE an approved Form 1. Please be aware of the restrictions and regulations and those within the states you and/or your business reside. Only after getting the approved Form 1 back can you make any modifications to the product. A crime is committed if you make the alterations before obtaining the tax stamp. Felony alert! Don’t do any alteration or modifications to our products before getting the approved Form 1 back. Moreover, please ensure you have first paid the proper stamp taxes, as well as received back an approved Form 1 from the BATFE before purchasing any products from our website.

Armory Den disclaims any responsibility for your actions if you fail to follow these guidelines or any applicable laws. This includes Federal, state, county and municipal laws and regulations. We also cannot be responsible for any consequence, result, damage or liability following any modifications or work done on our product post purchase. (after the purchase) This includes third-party liability. No endorsement or recommendation of any alteration, work or modification to our product(s) are made by these statements. Any such alteration, work and/ or modification is executed at the sole risk and liability of the product owner. If you make a decision to make any alterations or modifications to our products, please be sure to FIRST READ, REVIEW & FOLLOW all federal regulations regarding NFA items. Please review again if you are not 100% clear after your first review of all federal regulations regarding NFA items.

We sell firearm cleaning kits for trapping solvent and accessories that can make the cleaning process easier and/or more efficient. Catching solvent is the purpose of a solvent trap kit, legally and mechanically. Discussing anything outside of our specific product specifications is something our company is unable to do. Please keep this in mind prior to on-going communication with our staff, or your messages may be ignored. Please do not purchase products from our site before reading through our ATF Legal Den and our website's Terms & Conditions.

Product Includes:

(1) Stainless Steel Piston (with your chosen thread)
(1) Aluminum Cover – Black
(1) Aluminum Cap – Black
(1) Aluminum Spring
(1) Additional Spacer Compatible with our 1.45" OD Titanium and Aluminum Tube Kits

Den Specifications:

Weight: 3.8 oz.
Assembly Complete: Includes high-quality piston, machined for longevity and precision
Housing Thread: M34x1.25
Thread Mounts: 1/2×28, .578×28, 9/16×24
Compatible With:  7" Aluminum tube with 1.45" Diameter, 7" Titanium Tube with 1.45" Diameter


AD M34 Booster Extension Kit With Internal Stainless Steel Piston Spring (1.45" Tube Kits)


Those interested in purchasing Booster and/or Trilug muzzle devices from, must read and agree to this notice. Many of our customers purchase these muzzle devices to adapt to items that were purchased elsewhere, while other Armory Den customers purchase them due to the additional thread patterns available on these devices and acting as a “barrel extension” on some popular browning style pistols, such as Glock, so the guide rod clears the base of the solvent trap.

Our current offering of thread mounts that are included with our solvent trap kits and also sold individually are 1/2×28″ and 5/8×24″. Many of our boosters are offered with additional thread patterns, such as .578×24″ and 9/16×28″, allowing our solvent trap cleaning systems to adapt to barrels that require additional thread patterns, such as most .45 ACP pistols. Our AD Trinity  9mm 3-lug barrel Trilug Muzzle Device allows barrels with this unique 3-lug setup to adapt Armory Den’s solvent trap cleaning systems.

As mentioned above, some browning style action guns, such as Glocks, need a booster for our solvent traps to work properly because of the guide rod that protrudes from the front of these pistols when the slide is charged or put into battery. The bottom of the solvent trap cleaning system blocks the guide rod from moving out completely, which in turn blocks the firearm slide from moving backwards into an open and locked position.

Therefore, the booster acts as an extension so the slide can fully “rack”, allowing barrel snakes, cleaning rods and solvents the necessary room fit through the ejection port area and into the barrel for cleaning

All of our boosters and Trilugs ship separately at Armory Den’s cost and with their own tracking numbers, so there is no confusion as to  Armory Den’s view or position on the recommended use of its boosters and trilug muzzle devices.  By selecting “Yes, I Agree” customers are stating that they understand everything detailed above and agree that it is their responsibility to purchase these independently sold items only to be used legally and on legal devices.

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