What Is A Solvent Trap Adapter?

If you’re searching the web for a solvent trap adapter, you will find a variety of results. You will quickly realize that there are two ways the term solvent trap adapters are used. Some companies refer to a solvent trap adapter as a “catch all” term, where they reference them as solvent trap cleaning kits themselves.
Other companies use the term solvent trap adapter more specifically, which is to reference thread conversions, quick connect, trilug and various other devices that simply the firearm cleaning process.

A Solvent Trap Adapter Makes Life Easier

We provided the ways a solvent trap adapter can help firearm owners make their cleaning process more efficient and solve problems with connectively issues.

Solvent Trap Adapters for Cleaning Pistols

If you have purchased or thinking about purchasing a solvent trap cleaning kit for a browning style pistol, such as a Glock, you may have run into a common issue depending on the diameter of the solvent trap. Glocks have guide rods like many other firearms in its class. When the solvent trap is connected to a Glock, and the slide is racked (or cocked), the guide rod protrudes from of the front of the pistol hitting the installed solvent trap. This is a very common problem we solved.
When this occurs, the slide of the firearm is stopped in its tracks and will not rack at all. This makes it impossible to run solvent through the firearm when a solvent trap is installed. Armory Den is extremely in tune with customer feedback. We responded to our customers through action and problem solving. The way we solved the guide rod problem is by offering boosters that work with select solvent trap kits. This allows the slide to rack and provides enough room for the guide rod to stick out fully, without coming in contact with the solvent trap kit.
The video on our homepage provides a visual demonstration of the guide rod problem on a Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS, and the booster as a solution. The solvent trap that was used during this video is a 7” Aluminum Tube 1.45”OD | 1.25” ID Stainless Steel Cups Kit and the compatible AD M34 Booster in a 1/2×28” thread pitch.

Solvent Trap Adapters for Cleaning Rifles

Rifle cleaning can be straightforward, but when it comes to efficiently using a solvent trap on popular rifles such as the AR-15 or AR-10, selecting the correct kit can be the difference in a 45 second connect/disconnect process and a 30 minute connect/disconnect process.
Standard AR-15s come with a flash hider that is threaded onto a 1/2×28” barrel. Likewise, AR-10s come with a flash hider threaded onto a 5/8×24” barrel. In either case, flash hiders are not hand tight, they shouldn’t be… They are normally installed so securely that it takes a vice and an AR-15 Wrench equipped with a flash hider remover to remove the part. This is required because the solvent trap must take its place during the cleaning process.
There are many items on the market that can be used to quickly and conveniently connect and disconnect the solvent trap to AR-15s and AR-10s. What is important though is that you know what you are getting into and that the correct kit is purchased, with standardized thread mounts and adapters, allowing for these solvent trap adapters adapt. Armory Den’s 1.57” Outer Diameter Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits are one of the most popular options because they come with a 1.375-24” thread pitch on the tubes and cups and an optional 1.375-24 TPI to 1.1875-24 TPI Adapter.

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