Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)

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One Stainless Steel K Cup for our 9″ Aluminum D Cell Solvent Trap Kit. Our Storage K Cups are made of high grade 304 Stainless Steel, and work universally for all D Cell Diameter Solvent Traps Kits on the market.

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Just like our Adaptive Solvent Trap™ (AST) Storage cups, our K Cups are within known 60 Degree regulation. These are the same K Cups included in our  9″ Aluminum 7075 Tube Solvent Trap Kits. Our K Cups are included with your original purchase of the 9” Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit, a very popular firearms cleaning option.

This kit includes 8 D Cell Stainless Steel Storage K Cups. One reason K Cups are popular is because the K shape allows for the base of the cup to sit on a flat surface, like a drinking glass. This allows for solvent that is trapped to not spill out of the cups as you remove them, or during transport when pouring solvent into the cups.

Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Mike Perkins
Great customer service. When the item I ordered was late being delivered by USPS, they stepped up to the plate and made things right. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in well made quality products. You guys rock! Mike
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Very nice quality item and excellent customer service. Prompt responses to questions. Would highly recommend.
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Dwight Ramer
Excellent customer service, go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied as a customer. Would highly recommend the Den for any of your needs of there products,
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
I think of all the online retailers I have dealt with, these guys are truly set up for great customer service. They have gone way out of their way to make this buying experience more than great. Quick response to the needs of customers are rare today. Thank you for doing what other online realtors have just forgot to do. Taking care of the customer.
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Jim Denison
Thanks for taking care of everything. It’s been a pleasure working with all the staff in all aspects of the Purchase, returns, credit and exchanges-all due to my decisions & mistakes.The quality products and stellar customer service are impressive. The Armory Den has certainly earned my business for life.
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Long story short, Armory Den has the absolute best customer service ever! I made a mess of not one, but two orders (completely my fault), they worked with me and fixed the whole thing, got back to me very quickly even on a Sunday! Will definitely be directing as much buisness as I can towards them. Also, the machine work and quality of their products are top notch, great company.
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
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Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Taylor Headley
Product is high quality, customer service was even better, I had an issue with one item and they made sure I was taken care of I will definitely be buy again
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Lee Mash
Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)
Shane Bohlsen
Worked great once I used it correct lol.

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304 Stainless Steel


Storage Cup


9″ Aluminum 7075 Solvent Trap Kit (includes 8 D Cell Stainless Steel K Cups)

Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)