Billet 7075 Aluminum Solvent Traps with a Type III Anodized Military Finish

7075 aluminum solvent traps are ideal alternatives for someone looking for quality and durability. These solvent trap kits effectively clean your firearm to ensure that it’s operating efficiently and you’re safe altogether. There are several 7075 aluminum solvent traps, but the best ones that draw more attention to buyers are those with a type III anodized military finish.

Billet 7075 aluminum solvent traps with a type III anodized military finish is a top selection among 7075 aluminum solvent traps. Also known as hard coat finishing, this type of finishing is meant to provide anti-corrosion properties to ensure that your solvent trap kit doesn’t rust. So what is it about this solvent trap kit that makes it an effective firearm cleaning solution?


Billet 7075 Aluminum Solvent Traps with A Type III Anodized Military Finish is among the most versatile alternatives in the market. It is made of high-grade materials, has a distinct modular structure and a hard coat finish. Some of the components of this solvent trap kit include;
  1. Storage Cups – The kit has eight adaptive storage cups with a modular design. These cups are meant to collect the trapped solvent, and they are just enough if you decide to store the debris. However, you can choose to dispose of the solvent after trapping it.
  2. End Cap – This kit has a sealed end cap with slightly sharp edges, and it is advised to exercises some extra care when handling it. The end cap is meant to lock and trap the solvent after being retrieved from the firearm.
  3. Thread Mounts – Thread mounts are more of clips, and they are meant to hold onto the tube extension once it has been fitted on the firearm. Two thread mounts are included in the kit that measures (1/2×28″) and (5/8×24″), respectively.
  4. Tube Extension – The tube extension is the largest and most significant part of the kit. Billet 7075 Aluminum Solvent Traps with A Type III Anodized Military Finish has a 2.5″ long solvent trap tube.
  5. Adapter – The kit comes with a TPI adapter that measures from 1.375 “-24 TPI for males to 1.1875 “-24 for females.


  • Configuration weight range (5.8 – 15.7 oz)
  • Length range (2.5″ with end cap – 10″ when fully assembled)
  • Material: aircraft/7075 billet aluminum
  • Compatibility: industry-standard tube thread
  • Diameter: 1.18”ID & 1.57”OD

Safety Notice

It is advised to beware of some of the edges of Billet 7075 Aluminum Solvent Traps with A Type III Anodized Military Finish, especially the outer part of the end cap. This is because of the precision machining procedure used during manufacturing. Range gloves or non-latex/thick material are recommended during this solvent trap kit’s assembling and dismantling processes.

Armory Den offers Billet 7075 Aluminum Solvent Traps with A Type III Anodized Military Finish at a discounted price. You can either pay cash or pay in four installments through Afterpay. Some of the extra services that you will enjoy from your purchase include;

  • Free and fast 3 – 5 days shipping
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 100% secure products

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Common Firearms That Use 10″ Solvent Traps

It is essential to understand how to use the solvent trap kit to avoid legal problems. The reason is that if you are a firearm owner, you want to avoid legal concerns by all means. One of the top-selling solvent traps is the 10″ Aluminum 1.75″ OD solvent trap kit. This has a total of 9 stainless steel cups. Can it be used for any firearm? If not, what are the specific firearm types that use this unique, special, and reliable solvent trap? We’ll find out more in this post.

Why Use a Solvent Trap?

A solvent trap kit helps in the routine cleaning of firearms. That way, users and owners can minimize risk and generally improve reliability, safety, and overall performance. The very best product is an all-inclusive solvent trap to make a complete kit. In this kit, you can find:

  • Sealed end caps
  • Thread mounts (in which case all kits include 1/2×28″ and 5/8×24″ except for the titanium type, which has 1/2×28″ or 5/8×24″)
  • Pressed stainless steel storage cups, titanium/aluminum adaptive (AST) cups, or K cups
  • Some distributors include 8-9 storage cups in their kits.

Advantages of a 10" Solvent Trap

Solvent traps are used for routine cleaning of firearms to improve safety, reliability, accuracy, and performance. With a 10″ solvent trap, you can easily catch and dispose of the solvent produced during cleaning.
Also, you can protect yourself from harmful chemicals in the process of cleaning as long as the solvent trap is eco-friendly and allows you to recycle, store, and dispose of accordingly. A seller, supplier, or distributor of these solvent trap kits will ordinarily have a variety of durable designs and can offer a complete cleaning solution.

Customers most commonly purchase the 10″ due to the additional solvent collection area.

Common Firearms That Use 10" Solvent Trap

Having a mess during the cleaning of a firearm is inevitable. But with the solvent trap attached to the muzzle end, the cleaning fluid can easily pass down a tube. This highlights the importance of purchasing good quality and maintenance kits when it comes to owning a firearm.

Some firearms use a 10″ solvent trap. Because of its versatility, this size is used for different types of firearms. As a firearm owner, law enforcement official, safety instructor, government official, and enthusiast, you can choose the 10″ solvent trap if you have any of the following firearms:

  • AR-10 308 (There are a lot of brands)
  • AR-10 like AR-15s – Can be built with multiple brand parts
  • AR-15 in 300 Blackout Caliber
  • 6.5 Creedmoor – Long term precision rifles

Final Thoughts

With many firearm solvent traps in the market, you can choose a solvent trap that works for you and suits your firearm. Whatever the case, the bottom line is that it must give you a degree of hassle-free maintenance.
As a versatile accessory, the 10″ solvent trap kit can be used for different types of firearms. It applies because it is sturdy, long-lasting, durable, and reliable. The 10″ trap is an accessory that can be repurposed and allows for easy conversion. So, browse our Den today.

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Are 9” Solvent Traps More Durable?

The entire 9” Aircraft 7075 Aircraft Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kit is built of 7075 Aluminum with thick walls for optimum durability. It’s easily one of the most durable available solvent traps on the market today. If you have had worries about dropping your solvent trap and sustaining any damage or reducing its efficiency, you should go for this model. You can easily use the 9” solvent trap for an extended period without any damage.

How Do The 9” Solvent Traps Work?

Remember that regularly cleaning your firearm helps to improve performance, safety, and reliability. Just like solvent traps of any size, the 9” solvent traps can be attached to the threaded muzzle of a firearm to capture the fluids used in cleaning your tool.
It has two threaded ends on both sides. The female threaded end allows you to attach the solvent trap to the male threaded end of the firearm’s barrel. Even though the firearm can vary in aesthetics or designs, they all have mechanical designs. You need to understand the mechanical design of your firearm and get the perfect fit for your tool.

Know What Works for Your Firearm

o ensure you avoid buying a tool that would not work, compatibility matters a lot. The 9” solvent trap needs to match your firearm and every other firearm accessory you own. The only variable choice you get to make is the aesthetic design, which can only come after. Remember that the primary use of the solvent trap is to catch cleaning fluids from the barrel’s end while cleaning the bore and prevent creating a mess in your space.
For the AR-15 that comes with a standard threaded barrel, you can directly attach the 9” solvent trap with ease. But for other rifles without a threaded barrel, you may need to purchase an attachment in other to use the solvent traps.

The idea of the female end on the 9” solvent trap is to enable the device to have proper attachment and function properly.

Why Choose The 9” Solvent Traps?

The advantage of the 9” solvent trap length goes beyond just a longer-looking solvent trap. It also gives it enough room to contain more cups. For instance, the 9″ Aircraft 7075 Aluminum Solvent Trap can take eight Stainless Steel K Cups.

The increased number of cups would mean you have more space to hold solvent or store up Firearm cleaning patches, Matches and char paper, Prepper emergency storage, and medications like allergy or Nitro-glycerine pills.

The walls of the 9” solvent traps are thicker to increase the overall rigidity and durability. The length and strength of the 7075 aluminum have nothing on the weight of the tube. It’s solid but also lightweight.

The 9” solvent traps tubes are anodized in black color and are round-bodied to improve the aesthetics. It also comes with end cap threading to ensure its easy swapping.

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What Materials Are Used to Create 7″ Solvent Traps?

A Solvent Trap is a firearm cleaning accessory that provides an easy way to recycle solvent, thus saving money and protecting the environment. Additionally, Solvent Trap Kits are easy to assemble and use. There are different solvent traps available on the market. In this post, we will show you the best materials used in creating 7″ Solvent traps.

Solvent Trap Materials For Creating 7" Solvent Traps

Armory Den is a supporter of U.S. Veterans and First Responders. We bring firearm enthusiasts the absolute best in solvent trap cleaning solutions. Our solvent traps are configurable, adaptive, durable, lightweight, affordable, and constructed of high-grade materials.
Our Solvent Traps and parts are made in the USA with only the highest quality materials, such as:

  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

Our designs are built to last and delivered fast! We offer high-grade Solvent Trap Tube Kits and a customizable line-up, such as our Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits. Our complete kits include thread mounts, tube extensions, end caps, and additional storage cups in the event of damage during transport. Here is a collection of some of our best 7″ Solvent Traps and materials used in creating them:

7″ Aluminum 1.45″ O.D. Solvent Trap Kit with 9 Stainless Steel Cups (1/2×28″ + 5/8×24 Included)

Material Used: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

The 7″ Aluminum 1.45″ O.D. Solvent Trap Kit includes 9 stainless steel cups, a sealed end cap, and both a 5/8 x 24″ and 1/2 x 28″ thread mount. This bestseller has a type III (hard-coat) anodized finish used for military application. The sealed end cap and thread mounts are made of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, which helps reduce wear-and-tear on the threads and ensures effective on and off threading.

Many firearm users are looking for a firearm cleaning kit that is not too long, not too short, not too wide, and not too narrow. They also want it to have a perfect overall weight balance without letting them break the bank.

This versatile Solvent Trap Kit has a 1.45″ Outer Diameter and is 7 inches long, with a thread pitch of M34x1.35. The aluminum spacer locks everything into place for a flawless fit with absolutely zero rattling. Spacers are included with select solvent trap tubes to provide space to collect solvent (collection area) and help prevent damage during shipping and future transport. The spacer keeps the solvent trap parts snug inside the tube. Moreover, its aluminum thread mounts and sealed end caps are constructed of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum and Type III (hard coat) anodized for durability and strength.

7″ GR5 Titanium 1.45″ O.D. Solvent Trap Tube Kit with 9 Stainless Steel Cups

Material Used: Titanium and Stainless Steel

The 7″ GR5 Titanium 1.45 OD” Solvent Trap Tube kit is constructed of Grade 5 Titanium, engineered to last for countless cleaning sessions. A popular model includes nine stainless steel storage cups, one sealed end cap, and either a 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 Grade-5 titanium thread mount. It’s a durable cleaning solution with the perfect weight balance.

The GR5 Titanium 1.45″ O.D. Solvent Trap Tube kit is a durable solution with anti-corrosive properties and made to last for countless firearm cleaning sessions. The thread pitch on this solvent trap tube is M34x1.25. The stainless steel spacer locks everything into place for a flawless fit. Additionally, the spacer collects solvent (collection area) to prevent damage upon shipping and future transport. The titanium thread mounts and sealed end caps are constructed with Grade 5 Titanium with a nice polished finish.

7″ AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit with 9 Stainless Steel CNC Cups

Material Used: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

The 7″ AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit is our upgraded D Cell Model to feature a 1.375-24″ Tube Thread Pitch, allowing for streamlined adaptability for firearms cleaning. This kit is constructed of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum and includes both a 1/2×28″ and 5/8×24″ Thread Mount, one sealed end cap (reducing wear-and-tear on threads), 9 stainless steel CNC storage cups, and a stainless steel spacer. In addition, this solvent trap kit has a Type III (hard-coat) Anodized finish used for military applications.

This solvent trap kit also includes a D Cell-Specific TPI adapter allowing users to adapt to aftermarket muzzles that simplify the connection and disconnection of the solvent trap for quick and streamlined cleaning. It is a D Cell model that is entirely constructed of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum and includes 9 Stainless Steel CNC Cups, both a 1/2×28″ and 5/8×24″ Thread Mount, and one Sealed End Cap. Additionally, this upgraded model was engineered as a D Cell to feature a more standardized tube thread pitch of 1.375-24″. This allows for streamlined adaptability for firearms cleaning.

Our company takes pride in offering the very best firearm cleaning products and all-inclusive solvent trap kits. Only at Armory Den can you get the best deals, responsive support, and a complete solution without having to purchase each item separately. So, browse our Den today.

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Why are More Firearm Owners Taking Advantage of the GR5 Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap (AST) Kit?

Many people realize that the GR5 titanium is the best in the market. The following are some of the reasons consumers are turning to this design of solvent trap:

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

The Grade 5 titanium solvent trap boasts of 5-star customer reviews published on different reputable sites like Trust Pilot or Gun Broker. This reflects the ability of the manufacturer to give customers only the best solvent traps. Additionally, the company offers top-notch customer service.

Armory Den has one goal: to exceed all expectations of its customers. Unlike other customers that charge exorbitant prices for inferior products, Armory Den gives its customers the best solvent traps at affordable prices.

Fast, Free Shipping Nationwide

Based in the US, Armory Den is a wholesale supplier. The company has east coast and west coast facilities to satisfy customers from all parts of the country. It also prides itself in den deliveries and provides free shipping to customers and businesses, including wholesale partners.

According to the company, they consistently satisfy their deliveries even under challenging circumstances such as natural disasters. Both individuals and businesses should contact the company through their official website. There is a special wholesale solution form to submit for those who are willing to be wholesale partners and resell the products.

The company maintains a friendly customer service team to handle general inquiries. A representative from the company responds to every question in real-time.

The Best Solvent Trap Kit

Armory Den could be the right place to visit for firearm owners looking for the best solvent trap. With their Grade 5 titanium solvent trap, customers get value for money. Most importantly, the Grade 5 Titanium solvent trap kit is a favorite model for the following reasons:

  • Titanium offers superior and superb properties as a material for solvent traps.
  • The company designed the Grade 5 Titanium solvent trap with a surface that gets easily scratched or discolored with time.
  • Titanium is easy to clean and doesn’t quickly get distorted
  • Titanium has a gravity of 4.5. It’s generally lightweight, and this makes it portable while imposing less structural burden.

Solvent Trap Precautions

A solvent trap is a firearm cleaning solution. It has no hole for a projectile or a bullet to pass through. The idea behind a solvent trap is to collect the solvent during a firearm cleaning process. This helps users avoid spillage and allow them to recycle the cleaning material for future use.

The legal and mechanical purpose of a solvent trap is to catch the solvent during a cleaning process. A firearm that undergoes regular cleaning performs better, is safer, and is more reliable. Firearm owners must use solvent traps as intended. As their name suggests, they’re mainly meant to trap solvent. The Grade 5 Titanium solvent trap from Armory Den is 100% legal to purchase and own.

Buying unlawful solvent traps, or modifying the products for any other purpose, is against the law and can attract felony charges. Armory Den sells solvent traps that are intended for cleaning firearms and no other purpose. People looking to purchase solvent traps legally for a routine firearm cleaning should contact the company to place their orders through the official website.

Final Thoughts

Titanium solvent trap kits offer the best firearm cleaning solutions and allow firearm owners to get creative with their routine cleaning. Armory Den offers affordable but high-grade solvent trap solutions.

One of the company’s most popular products is the Grade 5 titanium solvent trap, which many firearm owners highly recommend.

So, browse our Den today.

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